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  • Ahhh. Alright. I'll just show up and talk. Need to get a post out there anyways lol.

    And I got a few things up my sleeves that would make Brain have a true braingasm. :p
    Mad hatter :D

    I dub thee the prideful one ;D *dubs thee prideful one*

    Yeah, he brought that point up too..well not in those words. I'm paraphrasing~ oh the commish, how I miss thee.

    Seriously, it was one of the greatest rps I ever joined. <3
    One of the ability's I was planning on keeping secret was learning some Barrier Kido from some rouge shinigami. Could place a barrier around us three to eleminate outside interference
    YESSS! Get those ;D

    pfft, arrogant much? :p

    It means Light Bringer. and it's just there in case, for some reason Mr. SS decided to let us have multiple amounts of charas :p...or perhaps for a battle of somekind xD
    I think Im going to have Jin join ya in South America. Give The Brain one of his few chances to see how Jin's hollow powers are. :p
    lmao! You are one classy guy. :>

    Oh you~ C:
    D: that sucks, but knew the rain was gonna make its way to you somehow xD. We're expecting rain here, as well. gonna be a good reason not to do anything productive :p

    Oh, how do you like the name "Raitoringu" for a zanpakto?"
    Coolio~ Be sure to have fun. I wouldn't allow it if you didn't headbang :p

    Making a Visored character. He has a "I'm the most beautiful person in the universe, and you're not" complex. xDD Hbu?
    haha, okies. Might want to give some of their songs from Dystopia a listen. New lead singer means new vocals~

    Exactamundo~ And especially if that person is beibgirl :p
    Actually, I think they do. Just gotta find the right site :p

    Well, on one video, he talked about Justin Bieber(yes he actually talked about beiber). He went on to say that while he does not like Bieber, he does respect him..which, anybody who has common sense, should respect. Despite how much negative heat he gets, he still goes out there. At least, I respect for what he does despite all of it. Do I like him? Hayel to the NO xD
    Do you know what their set list is? I can tell which songs are good and which aren't ;D

    You like? Cory Taylor is pretty tight. You should watch some of his videos when he's talking. The guy is like me — he speaks truth ;D
    Oh I know "fun stuff" :p

    But seriously, sounds like quite the busy busy morning xD.
    oh btw, is it raining in your area, by any chance?
    haha :p

    I am pretty good, workout was mainly cardio today. My shins were burning, son. *gangster leans*

    How is you?
    My boxes can only handle a few more Pokemon so I will probably end up getting rid of some of my "extra" Pokemon. Which are mainly leftover Pokemon from breeding. I have multiple boxes for some types since I ran out of room. I just keep them separated by type usually.
    I have that box too. Actually more like 3 of those boxes. XD

    I can get the rest of the Pokemon easily as long as my brother is willing to let me borrow a few. Thanks!
    Glad I could help you get it. Hahaha I don't know I might have. Probably not though I have like five others almost exactly like it.

    Okay I will let you know. You would probably beat me in a minute. XD
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