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  • Well, MMOs are pretty weaksauce in the plot department. That's why they try to make up for it with everything else in each new patch or add-on.
    That's... stupid. But then again, this is WoW. You don't exactly play for what little story it has to offer.
    Damn, you mean business! xD

    Welp. I won't keep you from your Minecraft then. Have fun!
    Then I'll just stay away from you around Halloween since we're probably gonna have pumpkin pie and I don't want to tempt you/possibly murder you.
    Ah, Minecraft. Good luck getting out of that black hole xD

    Eh, it happens. But you have to cope until the keyboard's fixed, eh?
    Your inconvenient broken keyboard makes things too difficult to understand :\

    Do you honestly need to wait such a long time for that stupid box? It's been weeks.
    whoa o_O seriously?

    but in any case, i'm glad to hear you're doing well ^^
    Er, I think it'd be better for everyone if such a thread didn't exist. That's essentially just the equivalent of Forum Insanity with Moogles and personally, I don't want to be associated with such a thing.

    Nice to see you though. How's everything going?
    We're trying to avoid another incident such as the one with you and your cake bunker. What a mess that was >.>

    And yes, he did find something. But it's going to stay between the two of us as it's on a need-to-know basis. Besides, you gotta factor in the quenchy cactus juice hallucinations anyway.
    Got tired of the last one :3

    Gonna change it again soon once the Type-0 site updates the character section with Seven, Deuce and Jack.
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