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  • Still doesn't mean I'm a mod xD

    And that is for me to know, and for you to find out ;D
    But I basically help clean up after everyone :\
    Well, I'm not really a mod. I just write things for the site and have moderation powers over the KH and FF sections just come with the job. And not really ^^ There are a lot of us, which makes the job easier. Everyone's following the rules and all anyways~
    I guess it's pretty much all or nothing to prevent against spam and bots.
    I'm sure we got it ;D

    If you haven't already noticed, your replacing c's with k's has become a running gag xD
    I keep thinking, "Why did you not just ask for a black mage? Why did you have to ask for the weird LoZ mask?"

    It's like the Frankenstein of Moogles!
    You're perfectly free to do so. The tags are there for anyone to edit, so you don't have to ask for permission from anyone xD

    Come on back and join us in Costa del Sol, kupo :3
    Just saying, I think your treatment is done, so you can come and join us in Costa del Sol.

    You're strong, Master EraqMog, but just remember that you're getting older and when you get hit in the head, things can go wrong.

    What I mean is follow your own advice and maintain order, kupo~
    I dunno. Even I'm not completely sure of the hierarchy. But eventually I'll find a way to make the roster look a lot neater <3
    indeed. you should. and i shoul;d be at the top. muhaewahahahahahahahahaahahahahhaah...........no? wut about the middle?lol
    Both. We share joint leadership. Then Marly comes in after since he is SoMog's advisor.

    ... I should probably make some kind of a hierarchy for this.
    I don't drink coffee xD

    Besides, on a boring day, the most I can do is 5. I'll probably average at about 1 a day once school starts, depending on the workload.
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