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  • I'll have to read it again. I just wanted to point out that darkness and evil are not synonymous, just as light and good don't go hand in hand.
    He acted the same as he always did, and we know Nobodies are prone to falling back on their memories of their lives as Somebodies and unconsciously acting upon them in order to portray the appearance of feeling.
    Technically not. He absorbed all the power his artificial KH had to offer, but that's not the same as becoming whole.
    Hmm, well it's the most popular amongst online fans of every genre to work with; you see a lot of people modding KH models for instance to put into the game.
    Well, at this rate, it is possible they'll be able to make a game. Nothing big, but I'd expect they'll be able to get it working at the very least which shouldn't be that difficult, but I have no idea what they're using, so whatever :p
    It was never meant to be anything but a topic of discussion to encourage activity amongst members and attract newbies. But if you've noticed, none of the staff actually takes part in it so we pretty much left them to do whatever they want.

    At one point I was helping them get everything in order, but then I was left to format this incredibly long list of details and scripts that looked like they were written by a 3rd grader, and I could not for the life of me, read it.
    I don't really care since this isn't my artwork to begin with. It's all SE's. And I don't ask for credit, sooooo... xD

    I know Lancelot and KHfan16 are using it on their twitter :3
    lol thanks ;w;

    I'm gonna hope that they're at least being used somewhere.
    Yeah, sadly XemnasMog is totally going to waste. It makes me sad :c
    He is on the member list: KH division, row 5, position #1.

    Some n00bie who only wanted one because everyone else had one, but disappeared within a month after receiving it. Figures :\
    XemnasMog was claimed and made months ago. The guy just stopped showing up.
    I think, try increasing your posting quality. Have something of value to contribute, and type in a way that doesn't anger people or make it difficult to read. If someone agrees with you on a certain point or something, try to engage them in further discussion, and drop them a VM when you feel you've exchanged enough posts to gravitate out of discussion topics and into friendly chit chat.
    I'm not mighty xD I'm at the bottom of the staff food chain :p

    I dunno. Where do you normally hang out anyways?
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