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  • Yeah, there are things I'm not all that aware about. I've just been lucky that I actually know what they're asking about.
    Nah, if I was a mod, I'd admit it.

    Which makes this kinda awkward because people lately have been coming to me for help thinking that I'm a mod ^^a
    That's called being Site Staff xD

    Technically, we're separate from the Forum Moderators.

    But I thought you knew already D: I've been posting on the front page since like, January.
    Sorry it took me so long to reply, been busy.

    Anyway, as far as paragraphs go, that's more of a grammatical lesson and less to do with constructing theories. All I can advise on that is to separate main ideas into their own paragraphs. If you think a paragraph is getting too bulky, try breaking it up at a point where a pause/transition would work well.

    Generally I try to approach writing a theory as if I am completely clueless on the matter. Like, I may have been thinking about a theory a lot, but that doesn't mean it will be easy to follow for other people. So, almost mechanically, I try to write out, step by step, how I approached my conclusion. You may want to write your theory at the beginning of the topic in sort of a thesis statement (eg "I think Xehanort is blah blah") and then show how you deduced/induced this. This is especially true for longer or more convoluted theories where you may lose the reader's focus and they may begin to wonder why you're saying this or talking about that. Always tie everything back into your main point(s).

    There are almost always gaps that you need to fill out and which might appear to be a bit of a stretch. If this is the case, let your reader know the plausibility/probability of what you're saying just so it doesn't come across as a fan fiction. Additionally, you normally ought to provide quotes that are relevant to what you're saying. If Nomura or some in-game dialogue backs up what you're saying (or at least can be interpreted that way), you should definitely include it.
    I don't think it really matters. They've stuck with the same color scheme and sense of fashion their entire lives.
    Oh, it's probably the best NDS game ever made. I really suggest it if you haven't played it already. Basically, the story is that Neku is trapped in a game to win a second chance at life. Each day he's given a new mission, and if he clears the missions and stays alive by the end of the week, he can come back to life. Fail the missions or be defeated by an enemy, and he'll be erased forever. It's set in an AU modern day Shibuya, and the gameplay utilizes the DS to it's fullest potential.

    Yeah, the three main protagonists share a lot of physical similarities with SRK. Except Joshua and Riku, because these two are almost exact opposites and the only thing going for them is that their hair color is almost the same.

    Riku looks like he just has a stylized mullet xD Still looks great though.
    lol everyone's reactions are like that xD The minute we heard that Neku would be in KH3D, all hell broke loose across the internet. Even for people who don't like KH or TWEWY, it's the prospect of the possibilities that have been brought into light that get everyone excited.

    Yeah, no new posts can be made right now. A trailer may come later tonight, but that's just a guess.
    Well, I tend to do all of my work at school nowadays, which is where I'm at now and will be for the next 6 hours and 13 minutes ^^

    I imagine tonight will be quite hectic.
    I have Finals next week so I have a bunch of projects to wrap up ^^

    And this week is going to be hectic because of TGS so I have to watch for news and stay prepared in case of anything. Need to multitask A LOT.
    You and a whole bunch of other people, believe me ^^

    I glanced at it. I'm kinda busy so I haven't really taken the time to look at everything closely.
    It takes place from the 15th to the 18th, but the 15th and 16th are only open to the press and industry reps.

    So yes, it indeed does start this week. Thursday.
    Pretty much why it's still the most popular one in the market right now.
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