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  • I know xD I was planning on making that as a tag for everyone to put in their sigs instead of having to type out "We want YOU for the Moogle Army," but time is not on my side. I have to write some articles, work on the requests, and deal with very picky people :I

    Plus, I'm starting school again next week. I'll be making an announcement in the thread so that people will understand why I've slowed down.

    And to answer your question, I've had a very boring summer with absolutely nothing to do.
    sign, ur sig should be....idk, a lot of moogles. maybe tht unkle sam pikture with the moogles want you thing,lol. and sign, u are too awesome for words. how do u haz the time to make all these moogles?
    Yeah ^^

    If anyone has the transparency problem, I make them a new version and upload it immediately.
    You can't tell on your own profile, but in the threads and on my profile for example, the white background shows. There isn't supposed to be a background at all xD

    It's better now~
    You, sir, have a transparency problem. Seems like my 100x100 pixel ones can't get up anymore. Let's try 99x99~

    Nah, you don't have to.

    Just right click the image and save it to your computer, then reupload it to the site. There should be an option that allows you to upload files directly.
    Hey, buddy~

    Spoiler Spoiler Show
    Lol, don't worry, I got it. Though at some point, you may be confused with El Coqui, who is Scarless EraqMog xD
    Whoa o_o
    Kinda... in a bit of disbelief here because I never expected someone would want to make a fanclub for me.
    In that case, no one else is making one and you're free to do so if you want.

    Fyi, you're in the Moogle Army. I won't be updating the roster until tonight at the earliest because it gets a bit troublesome to have to upload new images so often. I want to update with at least three Moogles every time :D
    Whoa whoa whoa, wait a minute.
    Since I'm not sleep deprived anymore, I went back and reread your message o_o
    Were you actually not referring to the Moogle Army club and an actual club for me?

    Also, Dayum has claimed Armor of the Master. Master Eraqus himself is still available. With or without scars, my good sir? :)
    Moogle Army. All your forum are belong to us. (We're just playing around though.)

    It's nothing really extraordinary or anything. Just one of those times when a whole bunch of us gets avatars surrounding a common theme. Some of us all got Dissidia avatars shortly before Duodecim came out, for example.
    If we were to delete everyone that we thought was stupid, it would be only built on opinion and that's wrong.
    Yeeeeeah we're always going to have a couple members here that are basically the dumb pieces of shit that have nothing good to say other than making us laugh at how dumb they are. As soon as he does something to offend people specifically though, he gets an infraction.
    well i'm not a mentor or anything but i can teach you what i know if you want
    and thanks for the compliment!!!!
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