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    Xehanort's changed fate before

    I'm so glad someone else came to the same conclusion. I don't know what else Terranort could mean by the "forbidden path" in the ReMind trailer. I'm interested to see how much of that they'll show/explain though. The more we learn about about ReMind the more I want the Xehanort game we're...
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    story so far? differences between X and Unchained X?

    So, I don't play X or Unchained X, but I'm very interested in the story. can anyone tell me what the story is so far, and what the differences are between the games,other than gameplay, if any? (also, is there a thread that keeps track of major story updates? if so, I'd like to be directed there...
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    The story?

    Can someone catch me up to speed on the main story to chi? I haven't played it at all, and the only thread like this I could find with search was months old.
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    The "fixed sentiment" Xehanort left behind

    so, anyone else remember that interview? I can't for the life of me find it, but when asked if Xehanort left a nobody behind when he went all body snatcher on Terra, Nomura replied with something along the lines of "the fixed sentiment he left behind was not a nobody." so, anyone else think that...
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    My name is Ansem: scene discussion

    that scene still confuses the hell out of me. why did he take the Ansem? is he already Ansem, SoD, or is he still AX? why did he stab the three people MOST LOYAL TO HIM? (braig is braig, ienzo was the one who got him his secret lab, and vexen is the mad scientist type, so im making a wee bit of...
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    Vanitas as next series villain

    i feel like he would do a good job. hes intelligent, was taught by MX himself, and generally seems to just want the world to burn. anyone else like the idea?
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    What, exactly, happened to Vanitas?

    i was reading another thread and I had a thought: at the end of BBS, vanitas fuses with ven again and makes venitas and a pseudo X-blade, yeah? so, does that mean after ventus defeated vanitas and took control of his own heart, he absorbed vanitas again? i originally took the scene at the end of...
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    will the nobodies be enemies?

    I only ask this because, unlike every other enemy, every single nobody can think for themselves, therefore, after being tricked by xehanort once, will they follow him again, or fight for revenge against him? i can see every enemy but the nobodies join him for this reason.
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    a short theory-thought-thingy on AX (spoilers.for the trailer from....er......TGS?me thinks it was)

    so, as the title says, i forget what trailer this is from, but it was recent enough that i believe that the spoilers were needed. better safe then sorry. also, this may sound like a joke, but its just the way i talk/type. ANYWAYS! my short theory is basically on why AX stabbed braig(and...
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    a question about ienzo.

    is it just me, or does anyone else think hes much more important then he seems? idk why, i have a gut feeling hes gonna be a very important character in the future.
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    LAAAAAAAWWWWWL!ahem, now that thats outta the way, here is this.MAD - Thunder Lolcats - YouTube
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    the heartless of braig

    i just thought of something. a heartless' strength is judged by the amount of darkness its somebody had. a nobodies strength is judged by the strength of its somebodies heart,right?well, didnt braig have, i dont know, a COLLOSSAL amount of darkness? im pretty sure before his inevitable comeback...
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    Repliku possibility in KH3D/KH3 and Vanitas Remnant theory/idea

    i just had an idea, that is so crazy it might belong in forum insanity, but so awesome it might belong here. so im posting it here. i thought of a way to bring repliku back with minimal rage inducing,(imo), and at the same time gave vanitas remnant a purpose. ok, so heres the theory/idea/thingy...
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    the painful memory namine saw.

    data namine said that when namine was repairing soras memories, she saw memories that were so filled with sadness, anger, hate, that she was afraid to touch them. the memories shes talking about are apprently several from different people, but my question is, what painful memories did namine...
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    a funny idea

    idk if this belongs here or in forum insanity, but i think it belongs here. if the keyblade ceremony is just you touching someone elses keyblade in reality(kairi and aqua), does that mean jack sparrow can now weild a keyblade? he did hold it for a little bit at the end of the port royal worlds...