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  • Heyy bayyy <3 haven't talked in forever! Ever get you el stupido cellphone fixed, replaced, etc etc?
    It was good! I was writing to each of my friends too! I'm still writing to some of them right now. And I'm listening to Twewy music now. How was yours? ^^
    LOL. But that's fine. We've all been lurkers once in a while.~ xD But it's nice to- wait I said that already. Um... hooray! ^o^/
    Ah, thank you! That makes more sense now. xD

    I might request something soon though. If I find something. xD

    It's nice to meet you though! I've seen the banners you made and they're really nice! ^-^
    Oh. Hai there. o3o

    I wanted to ask you for some time, that I wanted to request something for my sig. But there was something I'm not sure of. Sorry for sounding dumb, but does stock means how low quality/high quality a picture is? ^^;

    Also, I've seen the designs there! They're really good! ^-^
    Yes, it's soo evil!!

    Yeah, but they don't do it. >.<

    Lol, you already know that by my username.. :p but I'm thinking about putting myself in KH Universe as Xain, who is best friends with Ven, Terra, and Aqua. Bascally, it takes place in BBS to possibly Dream Drop Distance, but in the beginning of BBS, I'll be taking the Mark of Mastery exam alongside with Terra and Aqua, only the difference is there will be two Masters and well, let's just say that Xain is going to join Ven in the same way, but slightly in terms how Xain get there.. (it involves Master Xehornant and his fienish sidekicks, lol.)
    It'll be interesting story, no? :p
    I agree. I'm still trying to come up with a good story for you all to read, but I have thinker and writer's block, lol.

    He does good work in English, doesn't he? That's something to be beholded, eh? ;)
    I agree, lol.

    Either do I.. I doubt that, but you never know.

    I like alot of snow! Makes it even more fun to go outside and play. :)

    So, what do you think of Sephly's story? I think it's awesome! I just can't wait for Kairi's turn to shine, considering she doesn't do much in the games, so it'll be epic!
    I like cats, too but Doby, my dog, doesn't like cats, lol. He barks at them all the times, so no cat for us, haha.

    Good, don't let her bother you; she's not worth your time. I'm glad I'm out of school, graduated, really. High School drama is horrible! All the girls do is talk, talk, talk! they won't take crap from teachers, friends and parents.. Me, I can understand, but I don't do what they do. I hope they work at fast food resturants for the rest of their life while me and the others do our daily beings!

    It's cool here; I love Fall and Winter! Why? I was born during Winter and I love cool and cold days, but I like warm, too. Lol, I'm bipolar with the weather. xD
    Ahh, that's neat! :)

    Ah, it was pretty good.. I had to take care of my dog, lol. He's old and need help getting down from couches just to go pee outside and all that jazz.. I think he's close to like 11, 12 years with us. :)

    So, how was your day?!
    Yeah, that may be it, but doc know best! :)

    Lol, i was an noob on mulitplayer in Brotherhood.. haven't played Revelations side of it yet and people are saying it takes longer just to get in a match.. So not sure about Assassn's Creed 3 multiplayer side yet.

    Well, I got into Kingdom Hearts when I was young, like maybe 10, 12, years old and the family and I went to Wal-mart (it's like 2 mintues from home, lol.. real close!) for food shopping. The Games deparment was right there, so I told mom that I was going to look around, she said ok. So, i went there and just randomly looking for any games that was fun to play; That's when I saw the logo of Kingdom Hearts with my favorite charcter, Mickey Mouse. I knew this game would be epic, but I didn't know how epic it was until Christmas morning when I opened my gifts: I got an PS2 and Kingdom Hearts!! I asked my then ex-dad to hook it up, so he did it and I popped the game disc to the PS2 and played. Man, when it started, I was breathless; the colors, the GCI movie.. everything was beatitful!! lol, funny enough, I played until Midnight!! xD

    Wow, my God! That was years ago, and yet I'm still playing the series all over again.. Now I feel so old! haha! :)

    How about you, dear?
    Not well.. :( I'm feeling dizzy lately. I went to the doctor a while ago, and told me to go to this doctor next month to see if maybe my middle ear is out of synch or something like that.. I was like, ok then.. So, it's bugging me. I had it before when I was sick like common cold and so on, but it still stuck to me even after I got better. I'm currently taking meds which is funny enough causes dizziness!! lol, Doc didn't think this through! xD But I'll be better soon... I hope before Assassin's Creed 3 is out! It would suck if I'm still dizzy and can't focus on playing which would cause me to die all over again, lol.. Well, here's hoping the ear doctor can fix me up.. if not, I got an serious problem here!!
    I can be sweet all the time, lol. :) what's your favorite history?

    Mine has to be between the Itailin Renassance period and the Revolutionarly War. They are the most interesting periods to look over at.
    I forgot my chem class, lol.. but I admit, I'm more of an history lover.. there, I'm out of the closet about that! :p

    You'll do fine on the test, I promise, lol. :) but if it helps, I'll be praying for you.
    Nah, I graduded like 2 years ago, lol. But I'm thinkng about going to college to do something with my life, lol. I have been helping out at the public library in town where I live.

    But what about you, D.D.D? Got anything going on?
    It did bother her. She just didn't say anything... which makes me feel really bad. I got so caught up in having a really pretty girl near me. I freaking kissed her shoulder. I was in a sick trance of self pleasure. So, here I am full of regret, but that's the past. Hopefully I can make things right again.

    As to your school shtuff~ Don't worry about it. The popular guys wish they had the nerd girls and the popular girls will eventually go for the nerdy guys. That's how it goes till college.

    I on the other hand just want a sweet girl. Who get's my problems, and can forgive me for them, and let me love her unconditionally, and have a family with her in the future.
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