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  • Depends on the motives. Most guys are going to go for the hot girl, whether she is popular or not. Although, social status does have something to do with it when it matters. In small schools popularity is a rather subjective term since everybody knows everybody.

    Honestly I don't know. My feels for Nann are seemingly gone over night. WEIRD. And guess who starts texting me? My ex girlfriend of a few months. We wanna start fresh, and really work on a friendship. I is rather happy, because I love the girl, but she was so socially not there. She seems to have taken it to heart and is working on her social skills. Plus I feel like a hormonal douche for moving so fast with her. We didn't know eachother well, and I practically forced her to be close to me when we slow danced, I didn't know what I was doing till I started looking back. I feel so horrible. I kind of want to cry.

    That's right, guys cry.
    Well this is how it is. I'm talking to her in class, because we finished class early, and we're talking about a book she has been writing and I sitting there thinking about how beautiful she is, how I love her voice, etc etc.

    It sucks when the feeling isn't reciprocated.
    Yep, that's right. Many Germans are striving for higher degrees, even people wanting to really study at university has grown pretty much in the last years.
    It's a proposed win-win situation for the society here, if many people get good education they can enter better jobs and in the end hold up the German economy on high levels. That's the idea, but since several companies do not want to pay wages high enough for people to actually to be able to live on their own (hence the amount of people staying at their parents above the age of 20 increasing), it doesn't really work out.

    Several people also choose to put the important stuff they learned to use abroad in countries who are willing to pay them adequately for all the effort, most liked destinations for that are actually the scandinavian countries Norway, Sweden or Finland. US only comes second. ;P

    The new chapter is there...and I dare say it might be a "wham"-episode.
    Aww, I'm sad. I just remembered that I lost my Ancient Mew pokemon card. *facepalmxinfinity*
    All the time. My D key and R key I think... and my D, R, K, S, A buttons wouldn't work either.
    SAME :D

    Well have them send you a new battery. What kind of phone do you have? I got the BB Curve.
    who's your carrier? You may be able to trade it in for a replacement, or just get a new battery. Or go to your carrier's store and have them check it out?
    Yup xD That game is funny! Haha so what's with the texting n stuff? Do you just not text often or what?
    Abe from Oddworld. Play it sometime. It is freaking difficult. You can buy it on PSN, or I can give you my account xD
    I really love it thought hun! What is good about my tag? I feel like I nailed the depth this time :D

    Your tag is fantastic thought :) The purple is fantastic!
    Yuna is a baus, Sarah :D I love it <3


    I'll wear the tag, but I like my avvy xD
    In Germany people are looking very thoroughly into granting a good education for most of the population so that's why the schools themselves are often free. Yet the students have to pay often for their materials like books and tools.
    Some exceptions are the universities. In some states there have to be paid entry fees, in some not. It depends which party holds the majority in the state-governments. The socialdemocrats are mostly against entry fees in schools while the conservatives want more of them.

    I saw it and answered the reviews as well. ;)
    chapter 27 is gotta come tomorrow if I can manage it. I'm used to write in third person, also in German, so I use it practically 90% of the time.
    Writing in first person is extremely rare, except when I portray thoughts.
    Gotta say that your entry for SOTW is by far your best work thus far that I've seen. Great job! :3
    :D Thankyou thankyou thankyou!
    I'll use it right away!

    werty will be so happy since I haven't told him yet :D
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