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    KINGDOM HEARTS Melody of Memory spoiler policy will end on December 13th, 2020.

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  • Well, I won't necessarily be teaching per se. I'll get an emphasis in English, but it's to help me get a job as a pastor easier.
    I figured Edna Mode would get your attention x)

    Thankee! I love the last two tags you did. :D It's been good. Decided to get my teaching degree, then go to seminary.
    sigh... isn't that a little creepy? Lol. So I got Borderlands. I got the GotY edition. I also found an SMG that has exploding rounds and a sniper rifle that has exploding rounds. HOLY MOTHER OF GOD. The zombies in the Zombie Island of Doctor Ned DLC just explode everywhere. So many limbs and bodies.
    Never?? well, don't be suprised if you get one yourself, lol.

    What did you think it was trying to tell me? The dream, I mean?
    In between. Lol. I got my debit card and my checks so I was pretty happy about that.
    Lol, I love flying dreams! :D

    But this one, I had it for 2 days now, was about me being an girl and making kisses at another girl.. needless to say, it was pretty much, you know, s...e....x. >.<'
    Good times! Good times! xD

    A cooking class? Sounds fun. I wish I could be in a cooking class. It sounds fun looking for recipes too! Water chestnut cake? I never heard of that. xD

    Good for you! It sounds like you're having fun! ^^
    Yay!! :D

    Oh, I didn't take Chemistry.. I had regular science classes. I hate Math with an passion! D:<

    Say, when you have dreams, is it usually good, bad or just outright weird?
    Hello, D.D.D. :D

    I think I might need someone to talk to, so it has to be you! Aren't you happy?!
    I'm fine. Is my fluffing avvy showing up? I cannot edit it at all :(

    How are you?
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