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  • Haha, why are you trolling me? xD

    Why don't you fire her, and see if you can hire someone better? Is she at least nice? :O
    What is the work? A secretary?
    That sucks! I hope it gets better for you. Seems lots of people are going through financial problems.
    Well, at least you don't have to worry about that. The school ones never seem to go away until you pay them off. :p
    Yeah I want more Vanitas XD
    And only read spoilers online. I heard they're working on getting it to other countries and if it get's to U.S., I'm definitely getting it.
    What do you mean? That you want to buy it again, or the one with the render? I'm a little confused? xD What game? The one with Lightning in it?

    Wow, who payed for the maid? How was she annoying? :p
    It is hard saving money, with so many awesome things that I want!
    Nothing as of yet. Well, haven't really looked I guess I would say.
    Where do you want to work?
    They DO die. It's pretty hard to ignore the ending where it all happened :\

    Yes, she is. Don't ask me how because I don't know.

    In romanji, Eight's name is spelled 'Eito' and Cater's is spelled 'Keito' xD

    Yes I did :D
    XD Yeah thats MY pet peeve. Like, it seems a little TOO cute and childish for my liking :/
    Why, of course XD. Looks amazing. Still havent decided if I want to buy a 3DS just for this game though :/
    Eh, I don't think enough time will have passed for them to age that significantly.

    Kazusa is still alive even at the end of the game. You see him in the credits helping in the recovery effort post-Finis. And yeah, he's probably alive there too. The secret ending is an ending in which the Crystals don't exist, so there was never a war. For example, Izana is alive, and apparently rumor has it that he's dating Emina xD

    Think of the secret ending as an alternate ending for the game. You can decide for yourself which one is the true ending, but both are possible.

    I don't know xD I haven't done it yet.
    Isn't he always? xD

    Playing as Deuce requires you to hold down the attack button as she walks around playing her flute. The magic coming from the song will slowly float towards and attack the enemy, though once you are high enough, she does get a few abilities to attack at close range. I'd really only suggest using her if you have two very powerful melee fighters with you, just in case.

    Yeah xD
    Yes, there is an airship. It is actually Setzer's airship from FFVI! :D You can get it from a sidequest I think.
    Riku's my favorite character as well ^^ Since he's been in every KH game, there's a lot of incentive to playing them, haha.

    Machina and Rem weren't even there for most of the game xD Plus, Machina's play style is terrible to play as and Rem has the worst physical defense so she like, dies on impact.
    See, the thing about the final dungeon is that all of the enemies are at the average level of your characters. It's easier if you have some higher level than others so the enemies are scaled.
    You keep everything in the second playthrough. Levels, items, everything! :D
    As we all were, I'm sure ^^
    I agree. I have my ups and downs with this series, but I love it to the ends of the earth.

    I'm sure eventually they'll make it available online, and perhaps Japanese bookstores will import them.
    The one I'm training for is called Besnel Cave. It's full of level 55 Behemoths in the Meroe region. Use this if you ever have any trouble~

    I was level 38 when I went in there. Er, rather, my 12 mains were level 38. I stopped training Rem and Machina at level 33 xD

    I know, right?
    I believe Versus will be amazing ^^ I can't wait until more information is released!
    Haha yeah, the two are definitely fishy.

    Yeah! I really want them to release a full line of plushies for the Dream Eaters *v* That Wonder Nyan one was adorable~

    You can buy them from shops, but sooner or later, the really good ones become available as random treasures in high level caves and dungeons. Also as rewards for Special Orders, but those are really difficult to accomplish if you can't read Japanese -____-

    I've been reading an acquaintance's blog entries about her playthrough, and I've kind of lost interest in it. As much as I like Noel, I really hate Serah, and I've heard that the story isn't all that great. But I don't have a PS3 yet so I can't play it regardless xD
    LOL! Why did you do that? :D You really want that Lightning one that badly? Is it collectors edition?
    Ah, and no! I played side games, but not the main numbered ones. D:

    Doesn't that cost a lot of money to hire a maid? :I
    Have you saved such money? What else do you want besides a PS3 again?
    You quit your job?
    Inorite? All of us oranges stayed up for the entire weekend for the trailer xD It was so worth it <3

    Yeah. I'm halfway through my second playthrough. Just training my characters right now to complete side quests and get better weapons.

    How about you? How's everything going? :D
    Thank you! :D I made it based off of those lovely world icons on the KH3D site.

    My day's been good ^^ Had a great time with Ethnic Woman, Souji Seta and Lancelot while we were putting up all of the new info from Jump Festa and waiting for the trailer~

    How have you been?
    Haha, why don't you trade in your old PS3, for that one? Is there a difference besides the render? :I

    How old is your grandparent?
    Well, I'm not getting anything, that's for sure. I been like naughty, and no moneys either. lol
    Do you want something in particular? <3

    The preorder bonus for that site is a special weapon for Noel called the "Calamity Blade."

    I suppose it's the usual? Paypal, credit cards and the like? I don't order much online so I don't really know.
    I just typed in "SNSD the boys english version with lyrics" and sang along with multiple videos XD
    My favorite is Seohyun and I'm starting to like Yuri again. Sunny and Taeyeon are after that then Tiffanny and Jessica.
    I love it XD Both versions though the Korean lyrics are much more meaningful. Me and my friend memorized the whole song in English though. And are patiently awaiting their US maxi-single. Although it seems most of their songs are just remixes of "The Boys" -__-
    Have you heard them?
    Hmmm, well you could always order directly from SE's online store. If not that, then I'd suggest PlayAsia or Amazon.jp. Chances are, you can find a cheaper version on YesAsia, but with XIII-2 being so gosh darn finicky about the DLC, my only suggestion is just to go for whatever one you feel would be best for you.
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