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  • CRYSTAL! You like K-Pop, yes? Or just SNSD? Well anyways, WHAT DO YOU THINK OF "THE BOYS"?
    Ehhh, are you preordering a game? I don't want to recommend the wrong site, and there are better ones for that kind of stuff.
    A bundle? Yes, most likely so. Are you gonna wait and see if that happens?
    What is that? A different color one? Or with the game? :O

    You don't have any money to do that at the moment?
    You gotta give presents to someone, no? lol
    Ah, is it nice there?
    The second disc is used for multiplayer. I'm not sure which option it is because I haven't tried it yet, but at the title screen, you can replay past missions.
    Aww, hmm... Not including the 3DS I might have bought over $100 dollars in video games. One was a Wii game and the other two where 3DS games. ^^;;;
    Yeah! The graphics are pretty nice, and the 3D is actually pretty good with certain games. I didn't believe it at first, but then I actually saw it!
    I thought you had a PS3 already?

    Wait, where are you know then?
    So you do. Nah, we don't have enough money to go anywhere...We just stay at home. lol
    The story I can understand the gist of it. Everything important basically, but the details I admit I'm rather oblivious to.
    SPP can only be gained via multiplayer.
    Ah, well not completely bored I guess! Actually I have been playing a lot of new games, so I think I'm gonna relax on getting anything new for a little while. xD
    Did I tell you? I got a 3DS. ^^

    Do you get winter break? Correct me if I am wrong, but do you guys celebrate the holidays there?
    Sure ^^ I don't understand everything, but I'd be happy to help wherever I can~

    That's great to hear! :D Good luck on your project!
    I'm doing okay... Just kinda bored!

    Lemme guess, are you still busy as heck? lol
    Hi Crystal! It has been a while, hasn't it? ^^

    I'm doing well. Finals due next week, but come 10 PM Wednesday and I'll be freeeeeee~
    In the meantime, I'm just goofing off and playing Type-0 :3

    How about you?
    I agree<3
    I haven't. o_o It seems as though it's being given an english localization though!
    Yeah, I mean, it's okay to possibly not like what you're seeing from trailers/scans but someone shouldn't outwardly bash or compare it when it's not out even in Japan
    Really?! Who haven't you seen before? :3
    Not very far... work is getting in the way of me playing video games. XD

    Yeah it's not bad.
    It does take time, I leave early to make sure I catch my bus
    There will be tons to talk about then. xD
    everyone is theorizing about Dream Drop Distance right now.

    Luckily taking the bus costs three dollars because it's within the city.
    There's only one car at my house and I can't afford my own. My mom uses it all the time and occasionally drives me.
    Traffic jams happen all of the time at 'rush hour' XD
    I take the public bus or I walk. xD

    Wow, really? o-o a whole yearrr.
    I know. xD I didn't even think I posted that much!

    Okay <3
    Yep! I work in one store for a couple of days, and then the other store for a day. It's very back and forth

    Aww, your sister's wedding. Is that to that not so nice fiance you told me about?
    Yeah, me too. I tried to join another forum a while ago... but I just really like the feel of this place. :3

    Are they? -checks- Oh gosh. Well, I just spend too much time posting. xD There are some movies/television shows I like and talk to people about in threads which has been posting my posts.
    Yeah, but I'm not sure if they'd work for your country?
    WORKING, SO MUCH. We opened a second store in another mall in the city, so I'm working between two stores. How about you?

    Thanks. :D Do you like Pokemon?
    YES! That's a very good part. <3

    Do you have a GameStop or EB Games where you live? Probably not... but anywhere that sells games should let you pre-order
    It's okay, I understand replying late. xD
    I can imagine. D: At least it's just you and not other people messing things up?

    Oh that's unfortunate. :/
    I don't have Type-0; I'm still hoping it may be localized in english so I'm waiting before I decide to pre-order or anything.
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