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  • That sucks! If it's not under your job jurisdiction, then you shouldn't be doing it. Have you tried talking to your superiors about it?

    Oh? You can pm me if you want. Up to you. Maybe I could help. :D
    Do you even have to ask! He's great...really great...extremely great. No, I'm not obsessed. Hopefully, your feelings mirror mine xD
    Yep, with much hard work~ I want to try get all fragments now...you?
    Why? What happened? Is the job so sucky? :c
    But...why? Explain, please.

    What? Are you okay? You can tell me if you want. <3
    I actually bought two new pairs as well! I really never have that many shoes so it's good to have a variety. Plus, they weren't that expensive and they are brand names too.
    It's not that I wouldn't celebrate it, it's just I wouldn't know what to do.

    I take forever to respond. lol
    How is work coming along? Are you liking it, or is it boring? :<
    Haha, my birthday passed 10 days ago.

    Nope! I didn't do absolutely nothing at all. My mother bought me new shoes and brought me some cupcakes, but that was it. :D
    -casually notices Noel avatar and Noel signature-
    I guess I'm not the only one then xDDDDD
    So, I'm assuming you guys are good financially, right? Only saying because well, your family members don't give you guys anything.
    How much is it worth in Korean money then?

    Get a safe? Like one of those small ones?

    They just like doing it because they can. Especially if you let yourself to do so.
    Hmm, that's big here! At most, most houses here are 2 or 3 rooms. It's like really expensive too. All of you share in paying for the house, right?
    Oh, now I see! How much does the maid cost?

    He needs a good talking to! Or, needs to get his own job.
    Lock your handbags in your drawers? xD

    Nothing, I think. She just does it cause she wants to. lol
    How big is a bungalow? I'm assuming kinda big? :eek:
    Hmm, sorry for prying in, but with so many family members, don't you think you guys could take care of him? Or is the nurse specialized or something?

    He will get better. Maybe, hopefully! That age, I didn't listen to anybody either. xD
    Lock it then. Do you have keys?

    Just my mother. Nobody really else, usually. x)
    yeah i saw it in 3D too, and it was jaw-dropping.

    and it was my first time watching a movie in 3D
    hahah i feel like i've been living under a rock..
    Oh hey! :D

    Doin' great actually. Just got back from watching The Avengers. hahah you should check it out if you haven't yet.
    What? How big is your house? Are you guys like rich there? You make it seem like you are living in a big house or something? xD
    Maid? O_O

    At that age, I would think they misbehave and rebel. You just have to make sure he doesn't do anything under your nose.
    That sounds like me! I mean, you get used to it eventually. Even if I still can't. One should really just try not to listen to them. >W>

    Aww really? How old is your cousin? :O
    Have you told them to try and not do weird things? What does your cousin steal, anyways? O_O

    You are calculating things, though! So you have to have the basic gist for it, me thinks.
    What does she like doing? Is it that bad that people would get angered so easily? :O

    Numbers and stuff? You are good at math?! O_O
    Just the people that live with me. Which is only one person. I just don't like it when people nag on me for no good reason! It's like so ughhhhhhhh...

    Where you gonna work at?
    I've been okay... Just okay. I been having to deal with annoying and instigating people lately, but other than that, good! ^^;

    Working? I thought you where already. Where at? :D
    Hmm, well there is a lot of Australian users on here. I'm sure if you wanted to talk to some, you might find some friends! ^^

    Kinda. It's hot, but not like other places. Maybe late 80's to middle 90's. A little hotter, depending.
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