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  • I don't even know. It's not stress or anything, I think it's because I don't take care of myself that well. Well, not as good as I should I mean. :p

    Just say you request joinage. They won't say anything bad, I promise! Everyone is nice. :D

    Why is that? You need something from Australia?
    Yep. It's pretty much very nice. Sun and more sun.
    At this point, it was a little mix of both! I wouldn't say it was that bad, though. If anything, it's just I need to take care of myself a little better. ^^

    I still want you to join! It would be very nice if you talked with us, at least once!~ I still want your joinage. lol >:D
    A few, wouldn't say a lot.

    You forgot? I live in the United States. In California. :D
    I'm actually somewhat healthy, I think. It had to do more with skin care. Apparently, my mother wants me to have flawless skin. xD

    Hey! I never know what to talk about either, but we just post whatever and go from there. ^^ We just need to get to know more people is all.
    I would still like it if you joined at least! Even if you didn't post after that. <3
    those 160 fragments sounds like some really tedious stuff, good luck with that.

    ..favorite game would easily be, XII followed by X. the atmosphere and setting of both games really captured the 'fantasy' in my mind.
    and of course, Dissidia. since well, it's basically every final fantasy fan's long-time dream hahaha.

    how about you?
    Oh, nothing. It was actually going to be another check up, I think. Just checking the normal things, pretty much the usual. ^^

    Whaaaaat? Never?
    It should be on the first page. If you want to join, then just say so. lol
    Just on at 2:49 am for no reason! I can't sleep and there is nothing I can do. It's been so hard for me to sleep lately. ._.

    No, it's fine. I think you forget to answer me sometimes, but it's all good! ^^
    Hey, do you want to spam my FC? Did I tell you I finally got one? You should join and post random crap with me. xD Like now!
    Crystal! Why don't you ever like talking with me? D: It's so sad... Probably busy, but still. xD

    How are you, dear? :D
    oh i see. well im not really new since i've known about the series since Tactics. but im not an oldfag either hahah. i'm just playing some of the past titles recently.

    13-2's storyline doesn't really interest me all that much. cuz it has time-travelling stuff and thinking about that makes head hurt xD
    it's just so confusing to me...
    i think the number of dlc's in this game is just too damn high, dont you think? xD
    but at least they make it up for the awesomeness.

    ..wait, so you're new to the FF series? or just the FNC?
    yep, everything's better with bikinis hahah.

    and nah.. i dont have either of the consoles. i keep track of the series though.
    Yeah, it's pretty stressful. XD It's a lot different than when I first started.

    Exactly! Some people just hate some Final Fantasy titles, so I don't listen to them. FF13 is probably the most fun I've had playing a FF title... ever. I genuinely like the story and characters. So I don't listen to what they've been saying about 13-2~
    Was it really? o_o some people have so much free time. XD

    He's very nice!
    Well, it's a weird situation. I work for a store in a small company and right now our store only gets its lease renewed every month, so if we don't make enough money I could be out of the job at any time. D:
    I think of further schooling all of the time, it's just something I can't do yet. :3
    It really does! Exams and stuff are the worst D:

    XD I stopped reading it a while ago, especially since I like playing FF13 and other people seem to hate it. It comes out tomorrow for me<3

    Thanks! XD Lancelot added it to my name!
    Ohno, that's so much work. D: I liked algebra but I don't have much experience in more math than that.
    Yes~ I'm doing a lot at work, I'm a "key holder" now which means that I open and close/do all of this paper work and stuff. Besides that I'm just trying to find some free time to game and see friends!

    Nooo, FF13-2 doesn't come out in North America until January 31st so I'm still waiting. ;~; How about you?
    Data analysis doesn't sound easy at all. D: Are you doing well in school? The DLC that you get for pre-ordering? Or the extra DLC? I imagine it would be on the Playstation Network, but I've never used DLC before so I'm not positive.
    I know! I'm sorry! I'm learning a lottttttt at work because I'm training to do a lot with money and paper work.
    I did pre-order it! That's why I'm hoping to beat FF13 before it comes out. <3 I'm excited. :3
    Hey Crystal! How have you been? :3
    I finally got around to playing FF13~ I'm on the 4th chapter and I just got Lightning's Odin <3
    I'm trying to beat it before FF13-2 comes out.
    Like I said, whatever you think is the true ending, is the true ending. The community is pretty split on what they consider is the real ending as both are possible.

    xDD Inorite? It gets confusing >.<

    I'll probably do it at a later date, but sure ^^ Would you like it in the same style as mine, like in a bubble, or something else? And what picture of Ace would you like?
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