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Crazy Mario
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  • I see... Well, at list that's realx thing over XDDD
    I need advices on a something on my fanfic. Again XDDDDDDDDD
    You see, I need attacks for character of mine who used a hammer. Any thoughts?
    Wow your so helpful~
    *hugging you* Thanks Mario!

    I'm... Creative!? Really? :D
    I'm so delightful to hear that. Thank you so much ^^
    I see XDDDDD
    You see in my fanfic, Pokemons are Split into some clans that aew divided into seven diffrenet tribes:
    Flame tribe (home to the Clans known as: Fire, Birds, Steel and Warriors aka fighters)
    Earth tribe (home to the clans known as Rock, Steel, Animals, and Warriors)
    Aqua tribe (home to the clans known as Ice, Water, Ghost, Birds, and Animals)
    Wind tribe (home to the clans known as Bug, Birds, Dragon and Animals)
    Nature tribe (home to the clans known as Grass, Bug, Poison, Birds, and Water)
    Shadow tribe (home to the clans known as Ghost, Psychic, Dark and Poison)
    and the seven tribe which is a suprise~
    Now after you see all of this, my Donald and Goofy replacement are serving under the king of the birds clan, in a castle and a town. So I need a name for something that is suitble for this kind of clan XDDDDD

    Oh I almost forget! I need a Pokemon for an OC trainer of mine, that will replace one of the members of the The Terrible Six in my story. In order to follow me, here's a short memo of the who are the Terrible Six :3

    The Terrible Six (A group made of the strongest servants of each member of the Dark Rulers (The group Froslass is leading with the Nintendo villans). Each member was picked and trained by the members of the Dark Rulers. They are vicious, malevolent and cunning monsters who will do anything to pleased their masters)
    Why thank you Mario cape ^^
    I actullay need help. You see, I need a replacement world of Diseny castle and town for My Pokemon Kingdom Hearts fanfic, and I've no friggin' idea what world to called it.
    I'm reading them so far and I've amazed at the thories. So many possiblities and I cannot chose a side XDDDDDD But I'll post my opinion in a moment~
    Hey Mario Im a noob when it comes to computer stuff. How can I chang my signature and add the Riku Replica banner?
    I actually can't wait until I reach 1000 posts so my avy can be bigger. Any pic I choose is hardly noticeable. lol
    Sword in the stone and Toy story.
    They did planned a Woody and Buzz summoned if I remember but, it was regcted :[
    That just explained everything~
    Now I can finally write my Pokemon Kingdom Hearts crossover. But which Link and Zelda I should used? I thought I'd used the wind maker, cuz it's the easiest Zelda and colorful enough to understand ^^
    Then I would used the Mario world as well, but which one?
    I see. By the way, I've starting to see on youtube The legend of Zelda Wind Maker, but I get a bit confused. Why Zelda , Ganon and Link always return back in each game?
    Thanks for explaning everything out!
    I'm new to the nintendo world and it's amazing~
    Mario is the best! :D
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