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Crazy Mario
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  • Well for now I'm fine. I need to learn on my own. So far I'm pass the idea that Hyrule was plunge and change into a new Hyrule because Ganon return. Too bad... XDDDDD
    I'm bored~ Maybe I'd watch more The Wind Maker walthrough in order to learn more about the Zelda universe~
    I see you're loving this kind of work ha? I didn't figure out yet what I want to do when I finish high school and the army...
    Oh yes! And Waffle-Chan will be our Beta~
    So it's the three of us man!
    We need a name... Something cool~
    No it is not Mario. It's a female Pokemon, and believe me she's a really good character I'm working for a long time.
    I'm awake! I'm awake! Rararararrarhhhrhrhehhre! *scream like a lion*
    Good morning! It's so fun to be on vaction, y'know ^^
    Oh! I see. But I didn't want Giratina to be evil XDDDDDDDD I wanted him to good. I've an awoseam Idea! Are you sitting down?
    Maybe I we should private message this. It's a huge spoiler to the story XDDD
    Aw! Stop!
    You're Flattering to much XDDDDDDD
    No. It is my pleasure to met someone like you. You're great friend and a great help and an awoseam nintendo fan ^^
    And don't worry! If everything goes according to plan, then the fanfic will be publised before summer vaction!
    Yes there's just two things:

    10) The ancient/advanced metal that created the keyblades, let change it into:
    Humans pay the Steel clan to builed them weapons for the keyblade war and thus, the keyblade was created from the ancient metal that was part of the Steel Pokemons body.
    I don't know how you work it out but... It can work XDDDDDDDDD

    I just so confused over things XDDDDDDDD
    But let's try to maintain all this information into small notes:

    1)Arceus was born from his egg, he created the wholeuniverse as a blank canvas
    2)Arceus create Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina.
    3)Dialga and Palkia has created time and space, which created matter a.k.a. the Realm of Light.
    4)Giratina created Realm of Darkness to maintain the balance.
    5)The results of thoes creations has brought birth to the three Din, Nayru, and Farore.
    6)The three goddess assit Arceus into creating the world.
    7)Arceus in the middle of the creation of his image was bored and lonely, so with the help of the three goddess of light, Gardevoir Pokemon Goddess of love was borned and married Arceus.

    Anything else? Write on from 8 to whtever it is XDDDDDDDDDDD

    Man your a total help. In this rate I'll done soon enough!
    XDDDDDDDDDD I guess I won't regret~ XDDDDDDDD
    I was working on thoery of my fanfic, that the Keyblade was created from light and darkness by the Steel clan according to Arcues *God of all Pokemons* who demnded a weapon to help to maintain the peace. How's that?
    Wow thanks!
    You save me there.
    Again. Maybe I should make you and Waffle-Chan my Co- Authors? :D
    Thant why I'll published this fanfic much faster~
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