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  • Okay then, cute little Bailey >X3

    Hey, have you heard of the movie from Chin Dragonball: The magic begins? It's better than that unspeakable abomination, but that's not saying too much; regardless, it's really funny to watch XD

    South Light: **** off~! DX *teleports out

    Nefero: *HISS*

    The Lady: Not much we can do with that damn snake here anyway, fine, bye~!

    SA: *bats eyes* My hero~ >X3 Oh look a horse! *0*

    That's good to hear :) I have to order my books online because they sold out from the bookstore, so I can look forward to cram reading this weekend >_<;; also my World Culture's professor - I think she's an escaped mental patient.....At least my Computer prof is human XD, what about your professor?
    There are like natural sprays they can put on the furniture that makes pets stop biting and scratching the couch, I thought it didn't work, but when the couch was sprayed, Lucky stopped scratching it O_O But you have to apply it like, three times a week or something~ and the bottle is like 15$, bit of a pretty penny >_<

    Thantos: Fiddles, you know when the Gates face each other under circumstances where they're not needed, we cancel each other out~ Toodles~!

    *Thantos and Eros dissapear*

    South Light: but we still have Ci-Ci~!

    Nefero: Yeah :p

    The Lady: Oh please, to counter the soul you -

    *Ci-Ci gets torn apart by the Lifestream snake*

    SA: HA! Lookie Coldman, it heard your soul! :D

    The Lady: Crap.

    How did everything go today? :3
    Aww, Baily >X3 Poor Baby, is she teething? Hopefully she'll grow out of chewin'

    *Eros stomps the ground and pillars of light rise but the Lady summons Kingdom Hearts which absorbs the Light*

    The Lady: HA! I'm not falling for a trick like that, you think with me knowing so much of the heart that I can't counter the light by now~! >:D

    Nefero: Here comes replica thantos too~!

    South Light: Come here Ci-Ci ^_^

    Thantos: Ooh~ thank-you for filing my nails * opens up chest - long black arms reach out~!* You do know Gates are perfection ney? :3

    I eat the Flinstones ceral or raisin brand, which ceral do you like?
    If there is, I'd love to see it :D

    You have a dog in your church too?! How awesome is that, that is so cool >X3 Is the doggy rescued? :3

    The Lady: I could say the same for you, look over there~

    *Thantos stands in the shadows with SA in it's claws*

    SA: ;O; Help me~!!

    Shonen Bat: *knocked out* x.x

    Nefero: Nah-nah-nana- boo-boo~ XD

    South Light: We're not that easy~!

    I've got two classes, bleh. - Good luck with the grant thing, I hope it all goes well :3

    Yes, breakfast, food of champions - I eat ceral :D you?
    I've heard of ol' Puffy >X3 but never his song, you think I can find it on Youtube? :3

    XDDDDD His shirt acutally says something like, "I'm Ruff." *rough* :p We call it his little "thug shirt" 'cause it's so ganster, grant it Mecho is up in his 70's in doggy years~

    The Lady: Terra huh? You drive a hard bargain *shows Terra*

    Nefero: :(

    South Light: ;O;

    ;-; thankies, I can't wait to go to my World Culture Class tomorrow, it's one core-ish class I'm actually quite interested in :D
    XD Lucky, the magic tie-dye hippie cat~....I wonder why I can imagine Sesame Street singing something like that XD

    You know, Mecho has a shirt he wears XD, our little doggy, and he likes it too; it keeps him warm and snuggly~

    The Lady: You're no fun :/ What if I give you a Death General? :D

    Nefero: :O

    SouthLight: o_O

    It's like neutral zone time, which is good enough; yet it won't be long till the bitching begins anew, but at least it shouldn't be as bad as before for a while.
    Oh, okay :3 you've certainly worked your magic today >X3

    A hippie cat ._. I have a hippy cat. Goodbye catnip~ I'm gonna keep a better eye on those toys, Lucky can be a ninja somtimes o_O

    The Lady: Yo, I see you have a heart peice there~

    Nefero: It's pretty >:3

    South Light: Can we haz its?

    *0* I heard laughted from my mother and her friend, they're getting along~ YAY!!!
    Oh no, I didn't mean that as an insult! Sorry ;-;

    =w= Here's a piece of my heart, keep it safe~ *gives heart peice*

    He's calm now and meading into my leg, ow, and those catnip toys are going in thier kitty box, there's only supposed to be one out at a time, but I think he hides them ._.;;

    You and me both, *wishes upon a star*~ ah crap Disney says we have to work for our dreams now, whelp, block time awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~!
    XDDDD You are my "prozac">X3

    Does it bother you that I'm a little broken? I'm trying to fix myself, but there's alot of missing parts (blast it I gotta find my nobody stats~!)

    There's some catnip in his toys XD That's it, that's what's making him loco, seriously, it's like his eyes are dialated! But he's calming down, silly kitty XD

    We arez big kidz nowz XD
    It runs in the genes, my mental issues are nothing to shake a stick at >>;

    Like it's nobody's business >_< Sometimes she starts the fight, sometimes she doesn't but by god she will finish it; and oh, you can bet that I will spiritually be far, far, far away from this world if that happens, yet with my luck, I always seem to catch the big fights; it's like I'm a magnet for dischord >_< joy~

    and oh my god, Lucky is trying to eat every shiny thing he can find! It's like he's high on cathip or something XD Silly cat.

    Anywho, our new semester starts this week~ yay~
    She'll listen and then totally under-reguard what I said and proves she's right ._. They say actions speak louder than words, but my mother and her friend can yell pretty loud, so something will have to snap to make her realize, "hey, you know this all could have been avoided, but nooooooooo~". At least I know where I get being a little stubborn from, cheese and rice, from my father too, I'm wouldn't be surprised if I could take out a Rhino.

    And then because my mom pretty much rasied us single handedly, she's used to being in charge, so no one else can have a big voice, and thus conflict ensues >>; And my step mother issssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss, well she tolerates my dad, mainly because she whipped him a new one and he took stock of himself, but my mother hasn't taken much stock into herself, and I know she has some super internal anger in her that I'd be a fool to provoke o_O

    So, pretty much I don't think anyone knows how to deal with her, and how my mom and her friend can "get along" now is beyond me :/

    :'3 *HUG*
    Shoot, when I was a little girl I was the bravest little thing, I would growl at my brothers just like a lion and bounce up and down was hippity hoppity and chipper, and then life started to suck. My father is clueless and my mother has a mean streak and must always be right. No relation can work with her for one reason or another.

    And she tells me that she knows I have confidence down in me, she thinks that's its because the divorce hurt me, and it did, like hell in a handbasket knocked over my head - it's like, what's this? My childhood is a lie? Daddy is a stupid person and those weren't happy tears you were crying? But that's not half of it anymore, okay my parents got divorced, but what by far hurts the most is the constant fighting, and I just want to scream at her "LISTEN TO OTHER PEOPLE *** DAMMIT!!! You're a strong lady, but you're acting as dumb as dad did! LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN!!! - Those fighting scars run deep, maybe when I jump out of damn window mother you'll know what those voice in my head finally meant."

    But that wouldn't answer anything, and I don't want to hurt my family, but I'm tired of them hurting me ;-; and I don't want to be taken away from you ;~;

    Ah, I got off on a vent ;-; and the Princess and the Frog was great, I cried - there was some sad parts, but it was the Disney that gave the Lion King and Beauty and the Beast - it was great to feel 4 again under happy tones =w=

    ;-; I could never say that; I'm just a burden at this point when they start fighting like that - I tried that once and I'll never do it again because it only fans the flames >_< because they point out that I'm weak, and 21 and not amounting to much, so...:/

    Man family disorders suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck~! *latches onto you* Don't let go of me ;-;

    Shonen Bat: ;-; I won't.....*runs*
    *sniff* thank-you ;-; Okay, 2010, I need to work on my confidence too~

    I saw the Princess and the Frog today (yay disney is back :D! ) , and then almost right after my family started to eat one another alive~ Joy-joy-joy-I sound like a mad woman saying this but I can't wait to get back to class so I don't have to hear them bickering ALL. DAY. LONG. I can't take much more of them fighting - I lived with it all my life ;-;

    Like, why can't they just see eye to eye? They both have a mean streak in them, they both think they're right and that equals to a fight that just makes me a timid 4 year old all over again, and I'm 21.

    I wish I could move out, I wish I could, but I can't, I'm stuck here listening to them fighting while my other brothers are off and away with thier friends or job and don't have to put up with this everyday ;_;

    In other news -

    Shonen Bat: *twitch*
    Yeah the one with Silent Hill :3 sound is prefered, but the clips alone spell alot out O_O;; -> EEK

    I wonder about that atmosphere of the game and how they made it so scary, but the unknown is a huge part of it, although, having a room where there is something breathing that you can't see, sounds that come out of nowhere with little to show, things that peer at you from hidden media......*grabs teddy bear* >_<

    Did you hear about a patton "video game insanity"? O_O It breaks the fourth wall, and is scary as hell! DX

    Okay, no more scary talk from me XD I can't wait to finish this chappie, 'cause, I have no idea when I'll be able to do another, even with a good work schedule ;-; *hug* I can't seem to stop dogging myself about thus, can I ask you to take Shonen's bat and knock some sense into me?

    Shonen Bat: NAY~! I'll DO IT!! - *WACK*

    SA: -> x.x

    Shonen Bat:................*runs*
    ._. Hollow Castle......You know I watched a count down of the scariest games of all time, and Silent Hill was number one, the very first one because it is as disturbing now, now, as it was then O_O Well, at least my inspiration of sheer terror was quite indeed something of a gem of horror.

    What was some inspiration for Give me Your Soul? :D

    Oh and that count down is on youtube, it's the one done by game trailers~
    Ah, so then my story is a dark one, okay, I've got it down :D I wonder if darkn undertones count~ KH2 had a little bit of that and Days, but then again that doesn't make it a dark story.....and I've confused myself XDDD

    OHSHI - have I spoiled gurren lagann for you then?! I'm so sorry!!! ;O;

    :3 Youtube - awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay~!
    Ah, good point. I get a little muddled there sometimes with what causes the sadness, blah, blah, blah literary rant averted XD

    >_< Yeah, that's anime.....well shoot, in Gurren Lagann whatseverface binki top girl was 14 O_O I hope I read my facts wrong.

    XDDD I'll take care of the rest, don't worry, I'll let you know when I upload a vid :D
    BBS is dark right? So then KH3, mature storyline, here we come :D

    XDDDD I don't know, maybe he got stuck in how to end that situation, and made up a pimp walk for Medusa, grr. At least we got another psycho character, the stalker for Soul and Maka~

    If that was the Kishin's hand....meep I dunno XD that an awesome setup, but, yeah, he could've done more between Justin and Medua man :/

    XDDD Okay, move along Blair~!

    ;-; It still didn't show, dangit, come on youtube, update already!!!
    XD Yeah, if they use any anime, or shoot, if they were a teeny more edgy with their villians we'd jump into teen territory, and Disney shouldn't be afriad of that, in fact they're not, the Narinia games were teen, so shoot KH can be pushed; it can darkner and edgier :D

    ._. She just walked away....Anywho, that just shows how much Justin fails XD and Medusa is pimp like that, even if it was....rather lame~ I mean, come on, a super fight could not have presented itself any clearer! And still, who's freaky hand was that at the end of the last chapter?! GAH! Why Ohkubo?! Don't gip us on awesomeness, even though Blair's breasts returned for the guys XD

    I sent ya my channel, try to add me as friend since I can't see your channel yet (for some reason it won't show ;-; )
    That would be somethin' *whistles idly away* XD Ah but wait, Viz is technically still the peeps that have Naruto, Disney just broadcasts it, but I wouldn't count Disney out for using thier big muscles to make something happen.

    ;-; Why, Sasukei....oh well - *0* FINALLY~! They're usually quick with Soul Eater - YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY~! >X3

    The fu....who took Coldman9 already? O_O;;; anywho, I'll go look for ya now then :D
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