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  • No offense taken =3 but I'll be a little grammar geek and say that some of the sentences need to be joined together ^^; However I see the pacing you like, so I'll try to match it in some parts, but I just have a naughty habit of run-on battles....shame on me XD

    I love the beats of her music, and her "Bad Romance" video, I think personally, is rather interesting and deep - lots of people call that video pure and utter sh!t but they just don't understand it, it's actually kinda sad to me in some parts ;-; I like some of her fashion sense, but for the rest of it, I'm kinda left -> o_O

    Oh, I only used the default font, but I guess I should change it to Verdana since that's the Chrost-Weik's font~

    Squee~! I thank Lady Gaga too - May 17th my friend - May 17th~! I'm hittin' hard for it - I'm getting in my cannon~! *enters cannon* - Light me~!

    Shonen Bat: M'kay - *lights* -

    BAM~! -

    AntiSora?s third arm lashed out across both opponents hitting them all in the gut of the throat ? *SLICE!* black gunk splurging out ? for upon the contact of their ?skins?, AntiSora?s third appendage molded itself into a whip-like shadow-blade ?

    *GNATCH* -

    Gaara grabbed the extension, never minding the cuts that came with it, and yanked AntiSora in ? swinging him through a chomp from OtherNaruto (slipping in his own gunk) - *BASHK*

    AntiSora?s foot met with Gaara?s claw smashing it right back through his face ? AntiSora then quickly extended his shadow-blade appendage and whipped it around the claw-in-face Gaara?s head throwing him up and over ? just missing OtherNaruto on the smash landing ? OtherNaruto rushing in to latch down in revenge across AntiSora?s own throat ?


    Is it scary that Lady Gaga's Bad Romance is giving the inspiration for the fight? XD

    I need to find a better name for OtherNaruto too XD

    EDIT: Found it~ -> NaRutO....it is Hollow Castle's infection~

    And also, inspiration for the fight has just been pouring out of me (scary Lady Gaga powers O_O~!)- if you want the rest of it just let me know, but I'm feeling alot better in writing it :3 Thankies for the offered help though :D

    Now watch me over-choreograph it XD
    D: *cuddles James* ^^; So~! Uh...I'll....go, get a wheelchair......There we go~! Yup, yup, you'll be fine in a day or two, just gotta crink it out right~ *massages James* Like that? Feel better? :3

    Thankies >X3 Ney, ney, some dude sent me a PM trying to get me to be a mod over at thier KH site, he said he read my story, er, actually "skimmed it" and thought my grammar was good >>; You know, I don't know why that irks me, I guess I should be flattered I got an offer to be a mod - but number one - I don't have time for that XD and number two, I don't have the resources for it either @_@;; But still, using my story to get to me kinda angers me :/

    At least Shou got a happy ending, err, after he turns into an angel, he did get a happy ending.....right....? XD

    F**K YEAH~!!! GAZIELLE FTW!!! But now - now - they're gonna use the whole guild as a suicide bomb!!! FFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU - !!!!!

    I'm surprised my post went through yesterday, I thought it didn't ._.

    I try to make my work like a novelist's ^^;

    No ways, I could never forget your story of awesome demon sauce =w= but poor Shou XD

    Give me a bit, currently recovering from completely bombing my speech ;-; dammit, my nerves were just too much this morning.
    >X3 You're making me feel like a professional writer *blush*

    I think I'll re-define cruelty in fanfic writing once this story's done >>;

    :( I'm not on my laptop at the moment, but I'll see what I can give you Friday :3
    Sorry, XD when my ideas start pouring out, you're usually the one I go after first

    True 'dat true 'dat....And thus will put a crack in the World of Ninja's heart?! Oh noes - Tumble-Stop all over again?! :O

    >>; I still want the choreography to be good though, but with my stupid final paper still kicking my butt around, it'll have to wait a little longer ;__________; the wait is killing me too James-kun, I want to share this chappie with the world already!!!
    I changed the reason for Naruto leaving his world a little bit, but he still get's possessed, I've added two HOLY SH!T moments in the chappie, you know, for extra nail-biterness XD

    It is @_@;; one I'm a little worried I might under choreograph, I mean I've looked at the Sasuke vs. Sora fight, and I've been wondering if I should have Sora mimic some of those moves but under his Anti-form self so show what a monster that's been sparked in him >_<

    :< Oh Gray, I knew thee well XD
    ;w; it'll come from my heart, and done with love, squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~!

    That's the main reason Naruto goes with Sora's group, I mean really, how else will he get in there? >>; Naruto is a threat to his own world (as if he wasn't one already) with that infection, so he goes with them until he can get cured by (they hope) Euphoria in Tokieo Town. But that's a problem in itself, 'cause, 'member what Seritouge was doing with people who had been touched by Hollow Castle's aura? >>; Yeah, Bulma, Vincent, and Genkai know all about that mess >_<

    *wraps arms around* You have nothing to fear James-kun. I'm sure you can feel my heart beating this close, and it beats with yours~ That's so sweet you're being protective of me ;w; Gray can never compare to the man you are >X3
    A special thank-you~ :3 It's not much though ^^;

    He really will be O_O Although Hollow Castle infections do have their perks, and Naruto does have the Ninetails in him to help absorb it~

    XD Do I sense a hint of protectiveness over me~? *blush* =w=
    True, and you had me, posting up fillers and doing my part. <- Hellz to the yeah~ There's a special category that I'm going to give you~ With the 38-5 post, at the end, I'm going to do a thank-you to everyone that has stuck with the story, and a big, big thank-you to you :3

    Demon is putting it nicely, he's a natural hell raiser. *cues Hollow Castle infection* MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~!

    Good point, and lol~! No, Gray isn't my favorite character for that, although it is a bit of a plus >>;; I like him for his weird personality, and his ice powers, I LOVE ice mages, ;w;
    Me either O_O but using a span of over three years helps XD and having dedicated fans and readers and friends along the way helps too :3

    But you can't help but like the little demon XD

    HELLZ YEAH~!!! ALL IS FORGIVEN FOR THIS ARC~!.........I swear that better be Erza and the REAL Gray, or there will be hell. Oh, there will be hell......
    If a 6 month hiatus doesn't faulter readers, nothing will BTW....K.h.a is in the top five most viewed fanfics on this site O_O.........*SUPER TACKLE HUG GLOMP~~~~!!!!!!!!!!*

    Naruto won't see the Sasuke fight~ And in a sense, Naruto's form of respect isn't really respect at all anyway XD

    There are clips of it on youtube, maybe even some episodes~

    New Fairy Tail. Go here. Now. -> EPIC ENDING

    Take your time :3 I was able to get a baby bit up, yay~!

    Oh no, I know Naruto is that kind of person, Sora is like a "Kakashi" to him~ Respect comes from him being able to beat the snot out of him without much effort.

    XD "I am the terror who flaps in the night~!" and then he had like a billion after sayings XD
    And you have every right to be miffed ;-; With as much as you help me out with it ;~; We cool right? :3

    Oh well :/ Everything's all set in motion with Naruto Naruto, and I like the fact that they're still all children with Sora being somewhat a "senior" among them ^_^

    *wraps blanket* I'll go ahead and stay in the dark, like Dark Wing Duck~! "Let's get dangerous~" XD

    >X3 Hugz make the world a happier place ^_^
    ;-; I'm so sorry. It times like these that make me wonder if I really am good enough for you, such a gentleman like yourself, you deserve a better lady ;____;

    He can be toilet paper >:D Or Nefero's tooth brush, either way, he's cleaning up **** XD

    I did the old Naruto episodes because I wanted to keep a small consistency of beginnings with the animes~! And I'm more familiar with them XD

    Okey dokie, I'll stay in the dark about it, and be amazed *_* ^_^

    Then here's another *SUPER INTERWEBS HUGZ* >X3
    ;-; I realized that, and I'll tell ya how the higher forces continued to punish me in my pm to ya, geeze, please forgive my moments where my better judgement fails me, I'm sorry my mean side reared it's ugly head and it got you of all people! ;________________________________________________; I can't tell you how horrible I've felt over it now >>; It's like a little rain cloud has been following me, but I deserve it. ._.

    And then Gin can be the plunger :p XD

    It was April Fool's Day~ That was the sole reason for it's creation~ but it's all gone now~

    Oh, okay, but still, leave me surprised, or, you can spoil me~ Either way, I'm cool :3

    Oh, that is such a relief to hear!!!! Aiy Jason, *sends him and Nicole and interwebs hug*

    *and sends James.....a sweeter hug (*blush*)*
    *twiddles thumbs and waits to be reprimanded for K.h.a post* I told ya I'm not totally a 'good girl' XD

    Do you mean the movie Kick Ass? 'Cause that looks like alot of fun too :3

    I know just the piece of furniture to turn him into too. The toilet - MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA~! It just sucks and sucks and never stops~! Not to mention it eats - !!!.....Okay I'll stop there XD

    Aizen/Lady -> the apocalypse shipping XD

    It's April Fool's Day, or as this forum has now dubbed it, Blitzball Holy Worship day XD

    Oh don't tell me~ I think I forgot and I want to be surprised in how you end it 83

    Well good news, I got a call from Jason and he's going to try and make up with Nicole. Let's wish them luck...........Dude I'm so happy right now, I think I'm gonna cry, but I have to hold it in because I have class right now......*cries on way to class*

    Hurray, it's April Fool's Day....the most annoying day of the year -_-

    I know - and I'm soo ready for this arc to be over~! I'm like clawing for the next chapter to be released already! DX

    I think it's time to throw Aizen into Hollow Castle. To just throw him in there, and see what happens >:3 Punk can't deal with the Dues Ex Machina from Hell XD

    Well didn't Roxas hate the fact that the Twiblitzballblitzballblitzballblitzballblitzball Town he knew was fake? Makes sense he'd dread being trapped in it again. <- yeah, it does make sense for memories, but I was just saying that those hallucinations are of the blitzballblitzballblitzballblitzballblitzball, and Nobodies have no blitzballblitzballblitzballblitzballblitzballs, technically speaking, but since Roxas is connected to Sora, he 'special' :3

    *waves goodbye tissue at Scouts and Dendjue* XD

    I'm gonna help those two whether they want it or not. <- It's a complicated situation no? >_< I don't know if I should put my two cents in or not, I don't want anyone to get upset further :(

    I only know that, from experience, if they don't want the help, it could kill the friendship, I've done that before, and I never heard from that friend again ;_________________; Is it so easy for someone to break off friendship? It's only spurred on by hate.

    But I know you'll do the right thing James, I just can't help but vent about this, and there's nothing I can do ;___________________________________________________;
    I'll tell you how - GAZIELLE~! WOOT~! WE NEED THE DRAGON SLAYERS STAT~! ^0^

    Is it just me or his dad a little buff? @_@;; I think I'm forgetting something in Bleach, but I dunno what, my first class done killed me today x_x Oh...what if Ichigo was manufactured somehow? o_O

    I shan't say it in front of you James, I swore I would never utter it again in front of you ._.

    "Oh, okay. I'll probably have Roxas halucinate he's back in the fake Twilight Town again." <- I was gonna say, but he's a Nobody, however he's Sora's nobody, he's specialz XD

    For Riku, I was thinking something like Ansem killing off Sora and Kairi and/or Namine. <- that's gonna be sad ;_; but go for it, emotional strings FTW~

    What would the Sailor Scouts and Dendjue halucinate?<- Ah, each scout would be going through thier own thing, but I guess collectively, the destruction of thier home world, and losing thier families and boyfriends :(

    As for Dendjue, his would mirror Riku's, in watching his closest friends get ripped to shreds by the Lady, or, you could isolate Dendjue, and have hime dream about being a little kid again without overlooking Ragiel and Lorenia~

    ;____________________________________________; I'm going to pray hard for them both, please, please Jason release that anger :'(

    Nicole still feels for Jason right? And Jason for Nicole? If.....Jason doesn't want you to interceed....well I don't want to say it, it's heartbreaking enough to think they're both going through this ;~;

    I will say this though, because I just have to get it off my chest, and I know you'll do the right thing too, you're such a wonderful friend to them, you really are :3 but.......if repairing.....just depends the gorge further.....;______________________________________________________________;
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