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  • I'm pretty sure it'd be a great help for the graphics team, just pm Jaxx with whatever you have to submit and see what he says. He's in charge of all that :)
    Yeah, the chants kept things fresh and interesting~
    Same here! My PSP lagging wasn't exactly a rare incident xD;
    I played WotL first, and then my brother introduced me to FFHacktics. So I decided to give the original a go before trying out the patched version. I will always laugh at "die in obscurity" xD;

    The chants were something to look forward to. I was so disappointed they weren't included, and don't get me started on the animation speed, ugh!
    Yep. The original translation was irritating at times though, in an amusing way.
    Totally true xD; I remember being really frustrated with them in the beginning due to their Poison Claw attack. Didn't have the gil for status healing items ;A;
    Yeah ^^ Every time I wanted to recruit a monster, it turns out Boco went on a breeding frenzy and laid a bunch of eggs, so I ran out of space for another party member.
    XD XD XD XD I'm glad my sig has made you laugh! Snape's face is the best. And Lucius since he is the one being danced upon XD -late response is late-
    Not at all.

    Though whether or not I can answer is another matter altogether. :p I'm afraid you're out of luck. I got the GIF from Tumblr, and I don't know its origin. Apologies.
    heh, I'll take it out of my signature , you can use it lol wasn't planning on keeping it there long anyhow.
    i intend to do the whole series (apart from 11, i'm pretty sure he hasn't done any art for that.) i've still got to do FF 1, 3, 7, 10, 12 and 13 D:
    i'm glad you like them :)
    Phew! But still.... the tectonic plates are moving. And the fault thingos might not be so merciful. I hope they're generous to us, though.
    Yeah. Everything would be a total mess. Actually, I hope we don't even experience the earthquake.
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