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  • I won't get all DLC if i able to purchase, maybe just one custome for Noel and Serah xD
    Kinda new to FF series.. i played FF Dissidia 012, FFIV, Type-0, Crisis Core, FFXIII-2 only.
    How about you? :3
    What do you think about XIII-2? I mean the storyline.
    I hoping to buy this DLC, but i'm not sure whether i can get it or not, since i'm playing the EU version D:
    Noel's costume is cool too, i wonder where is the Assasin Creed's costume xD

    I'm actually not really interested on this game but after watching the walkthrough then i decide to buy it xD
    Waiting for KH3D though :3
    Here you are:
    Hey Sence if you want you can have my avatar. I'm changing it so just take it or tell me to sent it to you.
    I beg to differ, there's nothing more interesting that seeing a bunch of teens with skyrocketing hormones saving the world. lol jk What's the intriguing part (with no spoilers, plz).
    Besides that, it has a story, right? Not that I'm a plot-whore, but even basic as ABCs storylines are interesting. xD
    How's God Eater? I got a good impression from it, but I don't like Monster Hunter-esque games ('cept Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker, lol. `_`
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