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  • It sounds fun! I like it. Sure I'll join. If you want, go through my friends. I'm sure some of them would want to join as well.
    I put up new post in rp that says it kinda. He can copy anyone's ability or weapon for 30 minutes upon touching them. Your shade can do whatever you want though.
    OOOOOOOO! I liked that story! As for Sorrow though, Sorrow wears all white and has blond hair with icy blue eyes. AS for the rest, I loved it. I approve. It would be amazing if Alchemy didn't come to the rescue though. It wouldn't be fair to whoever is going to play Sorrow to be alone. Anyways, change the appearance of Sorrow.
    Hellooo...could you pleaseee go check the pokemon thread...I've made the same guess 3 times today and I'm just waiting to see if I'm right. *Please!!!*
    yeah i'll get to that soon enough until then um i'm gonna get some sleep
    lol, I have to do this...

    "Some say they need to think out of the box, and laugh at them. I think outside the Mother F****** Box Factory!!"

    lmao I joke :p
    yes, i'll make a few for the heavily out numbered crusaders :p lol

    and we will start 2moro, any one can jump in with new temps if they wanna join us.
    hmmm, my apoligies, I overlooked that detail :)

    And since he has been around for awhile (and I already listed him as general) he can be a general in the GoL. the main point I was trying to make was that OC's start out below canon.
    from the start, yes, since most canon characters in the GoL have been in their since the very beginning and saved the world blah blah blah. lol

    Depending on how you guys progress the story changes in rank can occur though :)

    Btw, I have little control over GoL :p it's up to you guys to make it successful (ofc I'll help in the OOC thread for guidance, but posting is up to members of the GoL)
    besides canon characters, members of the GoL all rank equally as members until the story advances. So far now your two characters in the GoL are the same.

    Also, only ranks in GoL and Crusaders that matter are 1st and 2nd. for the negatives, it's just whatever number pleases them.

    lol btw, I gave your incomplete #2, but you can choose what number you want, it has no real meaning. :)
    allright, then once I can I will check/accept your character. I'm looking forward to seeing what you post when we start :)
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