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    okay by the way i just finished posting
    alright then i'll get to it...but there is somthing i wanted to say good luk against dead sillence
    The location is the Lost woods from Legend of Zelda: a link to the past or Twilight princess
    Sorry my memory in doing stuff like that sucks :lol: and don't worry, I'm still waiting on Dark Guardian whenever he's ready and if we have already started just cut in whenever.
    I'd be able to make a normal one if I was to start from scratch. You see, a friend made that chara specifically for me so I have no right to change anything other than the bio.
    I remember checking up on that one. I didn't join it because the only chara of mine that uses guns, also uses Psychokinetic shells and such for attacks and even to hold the guns since they are extremely dense and heavy to show that they pack a wallup. And I mean it about the guns! One bullet is enough to make most of the torso of a human vanish and send body parts everywhere.
    Oh? Well let's hear them. It's normally best to get critique from others to help perfect them. Otherwise, it would take a ton of time to do so. That's how my brain works, atleast.
    Heh. That's only because of how long I've been at role playing. Most of my friends on here know that I started when I was only eight years old. Kazuma was actually one of my first characters ever created.

    But I was mearly talking about after the fight. You know, like if the two really did get together and what-not.
    Nah, not each battle. As it stands, Kazuma has had battles with characters controled by other people ranging in the hundreds. Hardly any of them were mentioned because most of them held insignificant meanings, except for a few of them.
    We'll avoid the spam and punishments by continuing both here and via PM.

    But, I was actually going to add parts of the battle. Mostly because Meri-san was the first woman that gave him such a run for his money and he actually fell in love with her.
    Good look escaping this attack unharmed.

    But not exactly what I was thinking of for a while, but it's just as good if not better.
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