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  • tHIS IS MY TRUE FORM i only show people once i have sunk my claws into their consciounesness!!!

    6-person suites?! holy cow! but yeah, proximity with so many people is going to be cool...bet you made tons of friends! :3 i'm from minnesota, i've moved around a lot between the capitals but i'll actually be closer to fargo in north dakota when i move on campus. everyone has a dumb accent there
    idk he was cute in the sort of lanky tortured mysterious way and i fell for it, but that class was HARD anyways! i'd never taken any programming classes before so it was a bad decision in the first place.

    state schools are pretty big right? i'm going to a relatively small private school in the middle of nowhere so i don't really know what to expect. i'm so excited for dorms, though! my building's going to be co-ed by floor. i hope i don't get a terrible roommate.
    i took ap computer science in my junior year but i had a crush on a guy in it and i failed because of it o(╥﹏╥)o
    all i remember is some weird shit about always using brackets and how stupid and heavy my java book was!

    anyway i'm gonna start my first year in undergrad this fall! what was yours like?
    YEAH 90'S RAP. a tribe called quest has a documentary out that i saw recently, it was great. what kinda stuff can you do with programming?
    but i dunno i like sleeping i guess and i have a lot of books.
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