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Recent content by Chris

  1. Chris

    experiences I've had at concerts on different drugs

    pot: smoked heavily at several concerts, the music always sounded awesome as hell but after about 45 minutes I just wanted to leave and jerk off or eat something. 4/10 - 6/10 depending on my nearness to food alcohol: I have the worlds smallest bladder so this usually means that if I drink...
  2. Chris

    mckalya maroney just turned 18

    : - )
  3. Chris

    what girls are trying to chill right now

    what khi girls want to come chill with me on my full sized bed at my house
  4. Chris

    Tetris in kimgdom heart

    S and Z blocks would be goffy and donald haven't thought of the rest yet
  5. Chris

    th e new Kningdom Heart bosses

    if the boses in the new KH game were real life criminal who wuld you choose boss 1: al capone heartless tough boss fight, he start invincible for 5 minutes and then you use a tax evasion spell (tax-evade-aga) and he gets sypillihis and dies boss 2: osama bin laden heartless after you defeat...
  6. Chris

    why we should bring rep back

    - it lets people know who is popular and cool - it's like a competition between friends to see who can make the best posts to try to earn the most rep - if you get negged you know that your posts are shit so you work to improve them, making an overall better forum experience - if someone PMs...
  7. Chris

    post your favorite races (no racism allowed)

    1. white people 2. whatever jackie chan is (japaneese?)
  8. Chris

    who is this new dealer trying to take my territory

    don't buy from that guy with the weird foreign name, if u need addys or Xanax just hit me up ill invite you to come through to my crib. you don't even need to pay me I just want you to fill out a survey. and let me install smthing on your computer
  9. Chris


  10. Chris

    describe sora in 3 words

    overall great hero
  11. Chris


    Ass: -you need them to make turds -strong, durable -pants fit well on them -can be used by a guy or a girl -great place to put drugs Boob: -milk tastes good and calcium is good for bones -pretty/sometimes cute -can be used as flotation device -fend off natural predators by swinging them -you...
  12. Chris

    i havent gotten repped in a while

    i keep refreshing my user cp but i dont see anything lol
  13. Chris

    I love to crap

    I love to crap
  14. Chris

    I will send nudes to anyone who can beat my Tetris Sprint time

    I've been an avid tetris player for years but I quit because my gf made me stop cause it was destroying our relationship lmfao well anyway she died or whatver so I started playing again recently and i'm actually one of the greatest in the world in fact I can clear 40 lines in under a minute and...