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  • Lord Chill,

    It's so fitting of a name for you. :D Should I bow?

    I've been wondering, what kind of avatar you have. I can't really make it out well.

    Is there any other kinds of anime you watch?

    You must have an air of authority around your friends or maybe, a sense of leadership. Or better yet, your like a role model to them. xD Do you like living in Australia?

    In case I don't get back to you before 2014: I wish you a happy holiday and happy new year. :3
    Its hard to explain. Aha just look it up. Works really well when you fail to ignite the normal way.
    Surprisingly I'm good with Quinn. I'm recently been using smart cast now and it helps tons. anyways what I do for Quinn is to max E, then Q, R and W last. Poke with your E and if your able to hit with your Q and hope for the auto attack.

    For build buy beserker greaves, then statik shiv, and buy blood thirster.
    Lol, good, now that you've done that, promptly get back to slithering into my defenses.
    And I figured that's how you're usually like, so this is pretty much free posts.
    Same! xD

    that's why it'll be fun. in planning I pretty much told him that if it was related in pretty much any way (beyond simple inspiration) then I'd be buggered and have to pull out. So, it's now inspired by, but not related to.

    good stuff, right.
    Yeah, see, that's what I meant. It's really just time to bust up some demons. Kind of runs parallel to our battle...
    I'm not going to lie, this is one of the greater moments of my life. Bronze... ah, at last.
    Actually better than most, not some. Go to full members list, sort people with 1000 posts. Only 700 out of 86000
    I had to cut my post short because mother dearest wanted the computer. Lucky, I didn't get to attack you.

    I am writing up a response right now, so do be ready for an attack.
    But Honestly, this DMC roleplay sounds like something you would enjoy, sign up for it.
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