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  • Hey Chill!

    How've you been lately? Did you enjoy all the E3 news?

    Good, cause it's more healthy to think positive and laughter is said to make you live longer. xD I take it the higher the frame rate is the worse the game is because, it's being cluttered with one too many things at once. For instance, I'm surprised it could've been done on the PSP in japan, because trying to imagine such a small system handling so much data probably caused loading times to take awhile and whatnot. Now that's why I wouldn't play Type-0. I'm all about the story and without it, it doesn't feel worth playing if I have to jump through hoops for it. (Sorry, I started rambling on Type-0. xD)

    If you join Arcana, that'd be super duper awesome! Edgar the skeleton would certainly be refreshing and cool! Would Edgar be a good guy or villain?
    I think it's amazing you know the rules and can write down a decent adventure for D&D. I wish I had somebody to do that with, or could've played it at your age. Someday, I'll give it a shot or something, if I ever have any friends in real life to play it with. C:

    I wonder why the director was in a bad spot- oh yeah, I remember he couldn't make the ending of the anime because, he was being rushed and the budget wouldn't allow it for a decent ending for whatever reason. Hmm, I imagine the manga isn't much different from the anime besides a few lines the characters say and whatnot.

    Weirdly enough, I ended up taking the placement test. I didn't get all the scores I wanted, but at least I can do college level reading no problem. As for a major, you'd think the one I pick is the one I go with, but now it's being decided for me. xD I give up on majors, but I know I'll be a college student this fall. Anyhow, thank you! Haha, I could learn something from you about dodging those dang wrenches!
    Don't sweat it, Chill. =D I haven't been around much until recently anyhow~

    I believe being hopeful is a good thing. Just don't set yourself up for disappointment is all~ What small frame rate issue? *wasn't aware of this* (I imagine they'd give us the option of changeable clothes, or use it as DLC to pay for.) I keep hearing mix reviews of Type-0 though. Glad you could enjoy the SteelBook though.

    Well, it's always open to new people to join Arcana. I'm sure everyone would be happy to have someone new to join in and help progress different storylines. =D (Why would I find Dungeons and Dragons nerdy for? Heck, I'd love to play it myself or give it a try, if I could. xD)

    I've seen the anime of Evangelion, but not the movies. Yeah, Shinji is a wimp and slightly messed up. Except, most of the characters are kind of messed up in the mind.

    It's good to hear you don't get bored at all in your free time. Depends on the holiday. Recently we hosted a BBQ for family and friends to come over on Memorial Day weekend. I actually got to have my boyfriend join me in the BBQ, which was nice. Like if it's Christmas, it's rare for me to bored because, I sometimes get games and whatnot. But sometimes it's the same as usual on other national holidays.

    Thanks! I actually didn't take it due to not knowing what major I wanted to do until recently. So... new plans being made in motion and whatnot. Life throws random wrenches at times, you know?
    I'm doing alright, and thank you for asking too. (Nah, no worries. Same here on being late in replying.)

    Hiccup wasn't bad and it went away from a few days.
    That kind of sounds depressing. Usually there was so much to do once a person finished the storyline in Assassins Creed. I guess that's what we get, when they rush it. I still haven't played Unity myself, but thanks for the heads up. I'll most likely being playing it solo, since nobody else has the time to play it with me. No worries. It'd be great if FF XV comes out with a release date, because it feels like it's nearly done and I don't see why they'd put it off after the demo came out with type-0. What's the SteelBook Edition like? ouo
    Exactly. Once again, I'm back to reading a book or watching anime or listening to podcasts.

    You have a point there, given being in charge of a roleplay is a lot of work and if you suddenly quit, people get upset about it too. *happened once* As far as Tokyo Ghoul goes, I know some people have read it, but I don't know about the roleplayers on the forum being familiar with it. Well, if you ever join a roleplay around here, let me know. =3 Cause I might join it too.
    Yes, yes it is. Someone such as yourself should be flattered. ;3 And thank you for saying so.

    Before I forget, who does that happen to be in your avatar? Kind of makes me think of Free!

    Six whole weeks! Did you ever get bored with so much time off from school? Well, taking your leisure in learning new music is always nice imo. Just practice some stuff your familiar with will keep the skill fresh, I suppose.

    I'm always prepared to learn something new! xD
    Both of those holidays are quite fascinating to learn about. I wish our country had more excitement in its holidays.

    Hey Chill, how's it going? :)

    You're welcome. I hope your new year has been going better than mine. (Not that mine has been overly bad. A minor hiccup at best.) I haven't played Assassins Creed: Unity yet. How do you like playing it? Even if you didn't get a lot of games right off the bat, both KH2.5 and Unity are great choices. XV is a Final Fantasy game, right? I hope it comes out sometime this year. If you get Type-0, let me know how awesome it is. After so long, kind of having a hard time getting back into video games, and a little wary of FF; given how FFXIII was.

    Hmm, then does that mean you'll be making a new roleplay this year? It'd be cool to see a canon one of Tokyo Ghoul, if there were enough people interested enough in it.
    Good! I like to try to be right about every once in awhile! Wow. I'm impressed! Not only are you good at playing piano, you're a writer atop of that, and you're an incredible cool person for a tenth grader. You're also really knowledgeable too!

    Yeah. I have one too many shows I try to invest time into. I might hop into it, once the second season is over, and try to play ketchup. Ah, principal being strict about certain things like that is a bummer. Do you get winter breaks at all? That's good, you can teach yourself how to play piano now! Plus, I imagine there's music sheets available both online and in stores, if you wanted to learn anything new.

    What's Australia and Guy Fawkes Day? I never heard of either one before.

    We celebrate Mother's Day, Father's Day, Martin King Jr. Day, St. Patricks Day, Christmas, Halloween, Easter, New Year's Day... there was something else, but I can't remember it. I believe that's all of it. xD

    Also, if I don't message you back after awhile again; it'll be because I'm studying loads of math before a test I take in May. It's for college. x3
    I wish you a happy new year, Chill! I hope you've been doing well.


    Responding to old stuff.

    It's okay. I haven't become a big fan of Adventure Time either. I've only seen a few episodes, which were okay.

    Aww, too bad Watch Dogs is boring. I wouldn't of figured that, since I've only seen the trailer a few times. I've heard nothing but good things about the Last of Us. Hmm, wonder if you got it for Christmas or not? Well, I think FFXIV will be coming out soon, after seeing the most recent trailer of it on Jump Festa. Well, Christmas music isn't all that bad and only plays once a year; but I'm glad it's over though.

    Eww, losing your eyes would've sucked a lot. It makes sense why I keep seeing him with bandages on his eyes more often now. Although, I think Tokyo ghoul is really good despite how graphic it can get, since I can stomach that kind of thing. Just can't eat is all. lol.

    Nah, I doubt your writing skills could ever really fade away. On another note, what kind of roleplay would you like to join?
    Well, as far as subjects go, just got to keep at it, right? You're in ninth grade? *isn't sure if you're serious or being sarcastic or joking*

    I actually dropped Gotham awhile back. xD It got kind of repetitive after awhile. How come your school doesn't do holidays? Damn, prices for piano lessons are costly too. Although, if you became a tutor for teaching others to play the piano, you could make a lot too. :3 But that's just my thoughts on it as a whole.

    So, if you don't celebrate Thanksgiving at all in Australia, what holidays do you celebrate?
    You're welcome, Chill. =D I take it you're a fan of Adventure Time?

    Since you got a PS4 for your b-day, what games do you play on it currently? Anything catch your eye video game wise that you're hoping to play on it? *u* I hear nothing but good things about how it runs smoothly and the graphics are nice and ect.

    You're welcome. Mostly trying to stay healthy after being sick for awhile and being lazy as the holidays approach. Actually, I bought some presents already for x-mas, and trying to block early x-mas music out of my head with other rocking tunes. Can't say a whole lot is new with me. :3

    Wow, that's really amazing you read 143 chapters of Tokyo Ghoul! :O ooh a sequel for it. I didn't know there would be a sequel coming out for it.

    Did you ever finish your English assignment then? I'm kind of curious what you've written about. :3

    My studies are going alright for the most part. I've started on science and it'll take some months to get it all down before I hit the last subject that I dread most; math. xD I find time limits to be hard, if you're taking a quiz, and second guessing yourself, if you get stuck between two possible answers. Otherwise, I'm hoping to complete everything by spring and move onto the next chapter of my life. :3

    Gotham is really good. They mostly center around Detective Gordon, Penguin and Bullock. I'll admit, the show has had it's ups and downs, because some episodes are slower than others. It had a really strong beginning and that's mostly why I keep up with it. Kind of waiting it out to see how the season plays out as a whole. As for The Flash, I thought Barry was a cutie. Kind of the same feel as Gotham does with it's episodes. I don't really have any complaints, but it's kind of a rinse and repeat of saving people, keeping a secret, and an unrequited love interest. Sorry to hear your school doesn't do much for Halloween. And it's good to hear you're still playing piano with a fiery passion that sets women's skirts a blaze and men with tophats rocking it out with a head bob. xD Are piano lessons expensive at all, Chill?

    ((I have to worry about such things! xD))

    Also, I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving in advance! I know it's early, but I won't be around during that week and will poke back into civilization around the beginning of December again.


    I hope all of your wishes come true today, Lord Chill, and you can have a wonderful birthday! We've had some good ol times talking on the forum and getting to know one another. You're mad skills on the piano and you're boss like schemes with your friends makes you the coolest person I know. I'm glad I got to know you and could wish you happy birthday. Speaking of which, having it on Halloween is ten times more cooler than any other the time of the year. So, best of wishes to you, Chill. xD

    I'll get to your vm soon~
    How've you been, Chill?

    Did you like how Tokyo Ghoul ended? I've watched the first few episodes, but kind of got bored of the MC for a little while. Should I give it a second chance?

    Did you finish FFXIII-2? Anything new with you and school?

    As for Meow, I've been keeping busy with my studies and a rubiks cube I got for my b-day. I can't say a whole lot else has been happening for the month of Oct. A lot of anime I watched the previous month has finished. Life at home is going better than I thought it would. I've been keeping up with the television shows Gotham, The Flash, and whatever else holds my interest. Speaking of which, does your school celebrate Halloween at all? Still playing piano? (I know, I know. I practically fell off the face of the earth or something. xD)
    Don't worry about it! Message me whenever you got the free time, Chill. C: I hope school has been treating you well. I wonder if you're still playing the piano at all? And I also happen to like your new avatar of Hiruko!
    Do you think we'll get more episodes or if it will end by next week? God, Black Bullet is awesome. <333 Renatro is still a badass. Someday I'll have a tag of Hiruko.

    ooh, caramel milkshakes. I prefer hot fudge milkshakes too. <3
    I think it depends on the person. Both are outright good in their own respective ways.

    What was your idea, if you still remember it?
    Yes, Black Bullet is godly. Haha that's really cool you could infect her into watching and end up consumed by manga yourself. xD Do you prefer watching anime or do you like reading manga too?
    Likewise. No idea what was up with that last one for FMA.

    Must not be really good liars then. Especially if they can't make something up right there on the spot. Nah, doubt they'd go after you, you're too cool for them to bother. Wow, an army for Lord Chill. I'm impressed. Is it fun having an army? >;D You'll find a gal someday whom will get under your skin and make you forget the world around you. Boy, do I get romantic these days. xD Just don't do anything that's really popular and read a ordinary book, I guess. OR you know, if you really want to decrease your popularity...*snickers* You could...read...twilight.

    I couldn't agree more. I wish I could play it again but, some of my friends schedules aren't good anymore to do so.

    That would of been awesome. I was hoping something like that would happen but, I think we got close enough with Winter Soldier helping Cap out of the water.
    DarkKnight sounds cool. *u* I imagine it is. Can you be both good or bad with said class?

    I know! I hope season two comes out soon.
    Ah, it'd have been fine, even if it had been perverted. With that said, once my list goes down I'll give it a whirl.

    They're alright, if you like jazz. xD I know my sister is musically talented. The rest are taking their time learning it.

    A good place to be. At times, I want to buy merchandise but, I know it'd either sit and collect dust or be a waste of money, that I need for something else.

    Yup. Self defense can go a long way. I always think about hitting a guy in his weak spot. xD I blame a fan-fic that brings it up a lot.
    I want to see what the antagonist is like in P5. Actually, I really want to know about the love interests. PQ. God, I can't wait for it to come out. <3 To play as either MC's from P3 or P4 would be awesome. Also its said the velvet room characters are playable too. (according to the thread and link we were given.)
    A lot of people died. You'll have to narrow it down for me. xD
    Aw, don't feel so bad. AC can be hard to play unless you're really bored or really like the game a lot to spend countless hours on it.
    I see. :3 My computer can be annoying at times too. Especially if it switches tabs on me or shrinks the page I'm looking at.

    Idk. Speaking in public would be kind of hard. I get flustered really easily.
    Okay. Its no biggie and just thought I'd ask. I ended up joining Rena's KH: Arcana rp too. So no idea how that will go but, I'm looking forward to it.

    Everybody goes quiet when you tell them? xD Wow, their faces must be priceless, when they hear something like that.
    I know your pain, Chill. It'd be so much easier if we had money to buy everything we wanted.

    You're welcome, Sir. You don't like zombies either? :D Good, cause I sure as heck don't and I don't want to be in a world like that either. >u< Bad enough they plague me in my dreams.
    Thanks! I suppose I draw inspiration from Durarara on that though. Although, I've looked up locations for a friend once. *shrugs*

    Anything new going on with my favorite Lord of Chill?
    THANK YOU SO MUCH! 8D I started watching Black Bullet and it is awesome! I really, REALLY like Hiruko Kagetane. <333 I know he's a bad guy, but c'mon, the top hat and the badassery are just too much for words alone to describe.
    What kind of smoothies and milkshakes do you like?
    Wow. You're all about being part of a Anti-Justice group. If I could rep you for that, I would. Simply cause its refreshing and awesome. Most people prefer being on the good guys team.

    Yeah, I was really thrown off about the whole time and space thing. Heck, her being in charge of the future diaries at one point is crazy too. You'll get your detective skills down eventually! I'm sometimes wrong about my own guessing too. xD
    I understand completely. I obsess on different types of anime and try to corrupt others into watching it. xD I already got more then one person into the anime/manga I like and call that a success. It makes sense, cause that was like with FMA the original, (not brotherhood) had some really great and upbeat EDs till they got to the very last one.

    Gosh. You think everybody in your school is evil? ouo That's kind of alarming. Eh, yeah, I'm not surprised there are bullies in your school either. They're everywhere. In either case, I hope no rumors spread around about you, Chill, and you can eventually get yourself a girlfriend. Mmm, sometimes I think relationships are over rated, but that would make me a hypocrite, since I like romance and happen to be in a relationship. How does one become less interesting? Considering you are a lot of fun to hang around and discuss interesting topics with me, and come up with fun stuff for me to use too. Cap-locks are hilarious. xD Nice 'grr' btw.

    Likewise. I've played CAH with two of my friends awhile back. I'm nowhere near as innocent as I may claim to be, and some of those questions...gosh they're both funny and shocking.

    How would you of prefer Winter Soldier to turn out?
    Long as it all comes in handy, then sounds like it works out for you in the long run. What two main classes do you like to use?

    Gotta love it, when somebody says, 'tickle ya fancy.'
    Hopefully you don't get spoiled then. Some somebody in thread went and said something they really shouldn't have. Anyhow, how'd you like watching AoT then? It'd be awesome if it were out before November. [I'm not a patient person. xD]
    Is Black Bullet good? I keep seeing it every time I go on animewaffles, and I'm this close to just watching it, since I dropped two other animes after awhile. Date a Live sounds like a romance and idol kind of anime. ouo
    You know, its really not all that bad. I got my book just the other day and read it till 3 in the morning and cried. It had the perfect ending, that I couldn't believe it was over, but it was worth reading and waiting for. I still don't want to believe its over.

    Exactly. My sister won't meet me halfway on it, while my youngest sister does. Although, they still think I'm crazy sometimes for liking it so much. Thankfully, they have no idea what ecchi and a harem is quite yet.
    I can only imagine how crazy you must feel to only be able to play some of it. But still, listening to a piano is far more appealing then a saxophone. They're so loud. >u< I'm the only one who doesn't play an instrument currently in the family.

    I'd be pleased to be a high stage of otaku. I wish I was, since I could imagine a younger version of myself watching anime all of the time. I'd say I'm like mid otaku right now.
    I think having a variety of music to listen to is good too.

    I'm glad its slowly growing everyday. At least you'd be one of the better cops/detectives out there in the world. I think knowing how to defend oneself and use your hands would come in handy too.
    Yeah. That's the one thing I'm most excited for! *u* I really can't wait to play P5 and have a portable Persona game on my 3DS to play.
    I haven't watched tv a lot myself. Game of Thrones...kind of sad that it didn't update on memorial day weekend. Well, I know quite a bit on what will happen due to the books, however I didn't get through the current last book yet. At least you have something to entertain yourself with though, Chill. I usually play Animal Crossing to keep myself from getting bored. xD
    Hmm, wonder why Oblivion couldn't work on your computer? ouo

    Me? Public speak? I have never thought about it. Is it like where you write speeches for somebody else to say?
    I like the concept and idea behind it. *u* Would their wish be free of consequences? Hmm, I'd be crazy for suggesting this, but if you were dying to use this idea to make an rp, would you want to partner up with me on it?

    What does the 33% stand for? xD I'm highly amused and entertained that you took such a quiz.
    I enjoy living at home, Chill. Less responsibilities. At times, everybody drives me crazy, but I love them all. However, you have a point there about money.

    Well, I can't say they're dreams. Just something I wanted to be, until I realized the world didn't work that way and not everything in life is a video game. [It'd be so much easier, if it was. xD] Actually, I'm more impressed with your own dreams of what you wanted to be, when growing up. I've also considered being an info broker, somebody who works with computers or perhaps a chef too. [However, I don't love to cook either, and being a pastry chef would be nice, but I wasn't begging enough to want to take classes on how to bake and ect.]
    Sorry man, I'll get right to work on your tag. My school has a pretty stringent blocker, so I couldn't look at your other stocks. Now that I have the one I want, I'll get to work soon.
    Smoothies are godly. *chuckles* I know the real world can appear boring, that's why we have to indulge in anime, video games, books, and our own imagination to make it better then what it appears. What kind of giant evil organization would you want to join anyhow?

    No kidding. It had quite the plot twist that I wasn't expecting it at all either. Why did you think Yuno was a clone? In one way, I'm glad Yuno and Yuki could end up together, even with such a messed up relationship and timeline. I liked the first OP but it'll still take awhile for the ED to grow on me.

    Good, good. I tend to worry a lot otherwise. That's good, sounds like you're getting even popular in school lately. xD Do you like all of the spotlight you're getting. Huh. I didn't think Australia would get colder. It just got warmer here, so everyone's wearing shorts and getting tans. Okay, then I look forward to anything you quote or leave me, Chill. lol. I didn't quite mean it literally, but gosh, I wouldn't blame anyone if they did try to yell at me on the I-net. x'D I'd probably laugh, since I don't find caplocks or any of that silly stuff intimidating.

    Are they like selfies then? [Pictures are nice to have, since they can back you up too. Like if you're trying to win an argument or something like that.] Have you ever played CAH aka Cards Against Humanity? I suppose I agree to an extent, unless the GIF happens to be cute. Cute things are one of my few weaknesses.

    Mine was good too. I wasn't expecting to get candy or a gift card for the movies. [Which came in handy, when I went to see Captain America Winter Soldier.]
    Yeah. Seymour is bastard, but he pulls it off well. Bravely Fault isn't just about building things, is it? So the demo was like a false advertising?

    Sounds like it'd be a good show to watch. I get the impression it can be like Future Diary in that degree for some odd reason.
    Aw. Hopefully so. Unless Animewaffles updates their episodes with the dub version. [Its where I got to watch Legend of Korra again after it aired with English dub to it.]
    I wonder how long it'll be before AoT comes out on dvd? ouo
    I dislike the waiting game. xD I suppose everyone does. lol. OH but if its a book that ends from a long time series, then I'm usually sad and don't want it as bad. (I still get it, but it makes my heart break to see a good story finally come to an end.)

    Yup. Madoka Magica is dubbed. (I didn't know this until I watched it on Netflix out of the blue.) Hopefully you can watch the dub version then.

    Aw, that's too bad. At least you could learn piano then instead of the violin. I like violin music too. I think most instrumental music I like either comes from video games or anime I like. (To think people make fun of it, and yet, its funny when they hear it without realizing where instrumental music comes from and compliment it.)
    Over time, I'm sure you'll get it down and play Zanarkand with less trouble. I'm amazed that you have so much patience to play such a long and somewhat tedious piece of music.

    I think a friend of mine like Skirllex. I haven't listen to much to really judge it, and didn't really intend on finding out. xD I drift away from dubstep a lot, except on some occasions, if I'm looking to change up my playlist.

    Oh no, I understood what you were saying! I imagine being a detective is being similar to a cop, since not all criminals corporate, and try to make a run for it. So being in shape would be a good advantage to have for such a field of work.
    Ah. I get what you mean. Kind of easy to play games nonstop out of boredom. Been so long since I've done that on my ps3. I prefer playing my 3ds nowadays. I don't know if I should feel sadden by this or not?
    lol. I gotcha.
    I'll keep that in mind, if I get it off of Netflix or watch it on tv one night. Any other movies you happen to like right now?
    Weird how that reminds me of SAO. Dark Souls sounds like a fun game. How is the camera work? Does it stay in one place or move around a lot. Have you played Oblivion then?

    I see. At first, I'd always see photos of GoT around the forum here. I started watching it, when season two had finished and season three was coming out in March. I ended up liking both seasons a lot.
    You're welcome, Chill. ;3 I'm glad you think so!
    Depends on which staff members give you that impression. I can think of a few who are like that.
    I think accepting yourself is important. At times, yeah, I'll get weak and want to change how I look. After awhile, I'll remember that I can't be like everyone else, and I already get compliments from quite a few people for how I look, so I don't let it get me down. On the other hand, I will try to stay health, and not sacrifice what I like to eat. I really don't understand how old people can eat some of the things they do, since I rather eat what I like, even if its bad for my body, then live longer and sacrifice one of the things that happen to be good about this world.
    I'm glad you're doing okay, Chill.I don't think its the first time somebody has done that around here, but it still sucks it happened to you. What idea did you have?

    If you say so~

    Nah, I doubt you guys are psychopaths. Its naturally for people to have a common ground to hate someone.
    I believe its cheaper to go to a community college, then a university. As for the points, I honestly don't know. I wouldn't be the right person to ask, since my knowledge is limited to college related things. Yup, I don't have a job. Nice to know we're similar like that, and I hope you get your computer chair soon! Yup, I live at home with my family, mostly keeping the place clean while they run around everywhere, and I can cook decently enough, when they need someone to cook too.

    There were a number of things I wanted to be when I grew up. Some of them weren't realistic though. At one point, I wanted to be a state alchemist like Edward Elric, performing alchemy and traveling the world. [I have the height and dislike of milk down though. xD] Then there was a time I wanted to be like sailor moon. Not sure, if I was aiming that to be a job, but I did look up to her quite a bit. I also wanted to be a doctor, (until I remembered I couldn't screw up, since a persons like would be literally on my hands,) and be a apart of the law, being an officer or law attorney. Overall, I didn't really become any one of these things, cause I wasn't passionate enough to be one or the other. What about you, Chill? What did you want to be, when you grew up? Where do you see yourself in five years from now?
    Chill! You have to stay strong! You're the Lord of all things chilly! Now I want a frozen smoothie. xD

    How'd you like Future Diary overall? I've watched most of it, and thought the ending was...er...a eye opener. xD Referring to Yuki and Yuno.

    Don't worry, I didn't forget about you! I've been busy lately with real life stuff, getting the yard in shape for summer and running errands and the like. How've you been recently? :D And next time I take too long, just throw me a vm sooner and yell at me. xD I won't mind at all.

    Do you have a blog, Chill? I agree some of tumblr has weaker gifs, so they're not as amusing.

    How was your Easter? Did you enjoy playing Bravely Default? I tried the demo, but wasn't sold over it. :3 Oh yeah, I remember that fight. I usually got stuck at the part where you face Seymour for the first time. xD Guy was a douche, but he sure was hard till you leveled up like crazy.

    Don't think I've ever heard of Psycho-Pass before. What's it about? ouo
    Can you watch toonami in Australia? Attack on Titan will be dubbed and aired on it tonight.
    The first two episodes might throw you off a little, but when you watch the third...its amazing and surprises you and DEFINITELY worth watching. xD
    Okay good. xD
    Speaking of Durarara, it sure feels like its taking forever for us to hear more about it. I really want to watch the second season soon.

    lol. Let me know what you think. The Madoka Magica Rebellion movie is worth watching too. Even though, a majority of us had complaints how it turned out in the end.

    You're welcome, sir. So, could you always play a piano, Chill? Or play any other instrument for that matter? Master To Zanarkand yet?

    Dubstep is okay, but definitely something I couldn't listen to for real long.

    You're welcome! Aw, such skills are so useful though. Hmm, ever think of being a real life detective then? ;D
    Oh. Then you're one of those 24 hour gamers, huh? Or just someone who plays nonstop for the challenge? Ah, so not related to his signature then.
    I'll be sure to. Hopefully I can handle Shutter Island and not freak out five minutes in. lol. Is Shutter Island really scary? I see, that makes sense how you can die easily in a game. Do you have to level up a lot to keep yourself from dying in Dark Souls?

    Oh, okay. xD I'd have been impressed, if it weren't popular there, since it'd be odd and surprising and unheard of.
    I haven't met this person before, but I think I know who you're talking about. No problem! I'll definitely keep talking to you, since I really enjoy your company. I know I sometimes take awhile to get back to messages, and sometimes its cause I have a bad week, but don't worry! Just like I said above, vm me if I take too long, or poke me or something to get my attention. lol. xD
    It can be, but you'd be surprised how crazy it can get, when we disagree or try to come up with ways to keep the forum active. x3 Or sometimes some of us will be real goof balls around each other too.
    Hopefully so. I haven't really tried to keep up with jogging lately, since a apart of me thinks I look okay just the way I am. xD
    I'm sorry they took it away from you. :( Does it happen often? Where the leader of the rp will be replaced by someone else?

    Lqtm. I wish it worked like that. xD I'll give you credit in my signature for letting me use it.

    Wow, so the people your friends with dislike the same people that you do? That's convenient. 8D
    *rubs my head sheepishly* I don't go to school. I have been contemplating going to college, or community college, but haven't figured out what it is that I like to do. As for a job, I don't really have one, unless helping take care of your family and keeping their schedule running counts? jk. xD
    Gotcha! Well, let me know if you find something. If not, I'll just work with it.
    You're welcome, sir. =3

    Yes, yes it is.
    Aw, I'm sorry you couldn't keep your top hat. What do you follow on your tumblr? :3

    Okay then. I had no idea it was that bad with troll players and ect. Hopefully you're able to pick up Bravely Default and Professor Layton/Phoenix Wright, since I've heard nothing but good reviews about all three of them on the forum. Oh my gosh, so many people are breezing through the remaster of FFX. I don't know if I should feel sad or not, considering how difficult it was to level grind and get through all of the bosses on the PS2 version. Nah, its pretty cool to know a few people left who play the original still.

    How'd marathoning it go? xD I sometimes do that with the other version of FMA. I put Hamatora on hold as well. I'm having a harder time watching it, since its losing its appeal the more I watch it.
    They've released small vidoes of the dub verison?!
    Well, at least Space Dandy ended on a good note, and we've got reruns till the next season starts. Plus there's all of these anime's beginning to air this upcoming month. Such as Mekakucity Actors.
    I'm assuming you're talking about Darker Than Black now? xD
    Oh definitely, Durarara has a good story pace, and it all connects really well till the end. I just hope it stays that way with season two and we get answers to some of the stuff left unanswered in season one. I think some of it steered off path of the light novels, but I'm not a hundred percent sure about it.

    Madoka Magica is fantastic! You should definitely watch it! Its about a girl who learns about magical girls, and keeps getting pulled deeper into it, despite being warned not to. You won't see what's coming till the end, and being a magical girl comes at a really high price. I can't spoil you much about it, but definitely worth watching all the way through; plus the intro and ending songs are really good.

    That's good its going superb for you. :D To Zanarkand is a beautiful music piece to listen to. I wish you the best in learning it, and I'm sure over time, you'll learn how to play the harder stuff like Vampire Killer from Castlevania. When do you have to play solo?

    In that case, I'd say you like a variety of music, and don't have like one favorite. I'm the same way about music, and Fallout Boy can be considered both rock with a hint of pop to it.

    Nice detective skills. I'm sorry to hear that girl is like that, but at least you learned more about her beforehand. Smart thinking for sure. =D
    I'm going to assume there isn't a pause or save option to the expansion pack, is there? Say Nutari's signature wouldn't happen to be related to the Demon hunter you mention, would it? I thought his sig was cool, and that's pretty sweet you can customize your characters like that.
    I've forgotten all about Easter. lol. Well, I hope you're able to get something you like, and I haven't read the novel of Shutter Island, but the movie looked appealing to watch. Why is Dark Souls unforgiving?

    Such as the graphic scenes, huh? xD Is Game of Thrones not popular in Australia?
    Is Light aka Piercing Light? There's a lot of members with the 'light' to there name. I'm sorry you don't get to talk to a lot of people properly on here, and I'll do my best to keep messaging you, cause you're a lot of fun to talk to. :D
    I think the answer will vary, since it depends on which mod/site staff you ask. As for myself, its pretty easy going, since I review every fan-fiction or original story I possibly can; good or bad. Then there's times I have to help a member out, if they have questions not related to my section, or handle rude members, should they go unseen by other mods. (Doesn't happen often.) And you sometimes have members who spam, so I have to watch out for those. In some ways its worth the perks, and in others, you can't just leave one day and not come back.
    Its still really impressive you can do 100m sprints, even with asthma. Is your leg okay? As for myself, I'm bent out of shape and jogging isn't as easy as it used to be, and I get dizzy if I push too hard. xD
    What one was taken away from you for? 0.o Ah, yeah, that seems to be a problem with role-plays a lot, and some are just to complicated to sign up for, or people in charge go on hiatus. I was just lucky enough to join one that hasn't died yet.

    Thank you! :D If you did charge me, what would I have to do for ya?

    Sounds like you're doing great, and from the way you described it, I'd imagine it being a tightly knit group. :D What's Chivalry?
    The Darker Than Black avie you got on looks nice, Lord Chill. =3

    Tumblr is such a fun and useful place. I use it a lot for updates on my books, but still have no idea how to use it properly like everyone else.

    I'm sorry to hear you can't play Dark Souls anymore on your computer, Lord Chill. Do you think you'll have to get a new computer later on to play it? Well, my younger sister has actually taken it off my hands to play World of Warcraft, since I haven't been in the mood to put time into the game itself. What with the forum being busier as of late, and there are 3ds games and anime I feel like watching. xD

    I haven't finished watching Hamatora either. I didn't like episode 6. (I think its 6)
    I heard there would be a dub for Attack on Titan too. I just hope they can pick the right people for Levi, Eren, Misaki, and Arwin. *u* I love watching it on Netflix though.
    I'm kind of sad Space Dandy first season has finished and we won't get the rest till July. ;u; Although, at least I can catch up on the episodes I missed until then.
    Who knows, someday they just might do a third season of Darker than Black, my friend. Considering this was really unexpected of Durarara, so I'd give it time and a little of hope that they do.

    As of recently, I've been watching the dub version of Madoka Magica and One Piece movies.

    Hall of the Mountain King? Don't think I've heard of it before.
    ooh, learning Dearly Beloved! That's awesome! :D Sounds like your piano lessons are going really well, and I hope you get good feedback from playing Hall of the Mountain King so passionately .

    Hmm, INXS sounds familiar. I'll have to look into that later. So, do you prefer instrumental music now, or do you like bands and ect...?

    How'd asking that girl out go? (Pretty awesome to hear you're suddenly popular with the ladies.) I hope you're still doing well, Lord Chill.
    I'm assuming Diablo III is out now. Did you enjoy playing it?
    Yeah, I know what that's like to try to finish every game on a shelf. Were you able to defeat FFXIII and XIII-2?

    Tomorrow, I'm extremely excited for GoT season 4 to start. I keep seeing old members I was friends with returning, which is great. I'm still busy with mod work as always, but I don't mind it since its fun. I've started jogging a little, since the weather has finally been decent enough to run out in, and if I keep up with it, hopefully I can run a marathon by October. I think I've grown more popular on the forum, since the persona role-play I'm in has become a tight group of its own, and I can't help but to laugh in amusement, since my character is being shipped together with another. (xD) Honestly, life has been good, and summer is on its way, it feels like. I like that btw, Kit of the Kat clan. I might just quote it later. ;D

    How's Lord Chill doing? Anything else happen on his side of the world?
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