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  • You know who is really good support? Rumble. His bullying during lane is extremely helpful.
    One time we got them low to the point they decided to recall in the bush. I ulted and and got the DPS kill. xD
    I figured if I played J4 and a Velkoz is on their team. I could just E then Q beheind him avoiding the damage to knock him up. :3

    What's the team gonna be called? Lord Chill and the frosties?
    Isn't it 900 damage over time though?

    I've done provisional a few weeks ago and now I'm a Bronze I c: But since then doing Summoners Rift is so draining to me now a days. To much Ahri/Wu/J4 can be a bad thing.
    Have you seen this?

    Stick Figure Spotlight 3 - The Twisted Treeline - YouTube
    You're welcome, Lord Chill!

    What is your avatar from, if you don't mind me asking? C:

    I've heard of Alienware, but they're so expensive. Mmm, guess, I'll hold off on world of warcraft.

    I haven't seen much of Hamatora on tumblr. But anyhow, still watching the same anime's or have you moved onto something else now?

    Yes, I like dancing. I'll take your word for it, King of Dance Dance Revolution. Sadly, I'm not that good at Dance Dance Revolution, but I've tried it a few times. [Really should practice more. xD]
    Well, depending on the concert, you can have seats or be by the stage, where you're required to stand.
    Oh? That's fantastic! <3 How goes piano playing? Are you going to learn any kingdom hearts or final fantasy related piano music?

    Yeah. We're kind of crazy here in America. xD What is INXS? Are they a band?

    How is Lord Chill doing?
    I like your user title. xD

    Are laptops in general worse for playing games? I got world of warcraft, but haven't tried to play it yet.

    Ugh. I dislike cats, and they tend to hiss at me. >.<

    Yeah. Go to animewaffles. There subs are good, and pass in my eyes. Wow, I really like how they reviewed it, because it fits Hamatora perfectly. xD I like Nice the best so far.

    Gosh, must be crazy to have them so close by. ouo All I get is freezing rain, and more snow. I want it to be summer already.

    I haven't been on an airplane in a few years. Still to be stuck for four hours, must of sucked a lot. Pretty neat, that you got to see the Shire from Lord of the Rings. I guess, if I ever travel out anywhere, I'll have to give NZ a try. *u*

    They're good, but I like the Drop Kick Murphys just as much. Seems like, my summer will coexist of concerts, and a marathon. C: Maybe, they don't take you seriously on the whole "I dislike this person for being an idiot of sorts" or something. Idk. I question humanity a lot in these instances. Don't worry, not into pop music. Nightcore sounds oddly familiar though. haha I like sitting too, but I like dancing much more so. xD Well, just go with the flow, stay true to yourself, Lord Chill, and continue to be awesome.
    Gaming PC?

    Nope, never heard of one before. Only familiar with the ostrich. Considering, I've been to only a few different types of Zoos in younger days.
    In all honesty, I can completely understand why you'd fear large animals. Since, I'm the same way with bears, sharks, tigers, crocodiles and the like.

    You should check out Hamatora too. It's awesome, and similar to Durarara to some degree too.

    I think it's likely. C: Although, I find that particular information interesting. I wonder if, trying to be strong, when you're not would apply?
    Do bush fires happen all the time in Australia?

    What was your trip to New Zealand like? [I know it's been a few weeks, but curious about it. x3]

    I went to a live concert to see Saving Abel, got to hug the new lead singer, and had the time of my life that night. Otherwise, life continues to be a roller coaster for me, and trying to make a few goals come into reality, but my laziness happens to get the best of me, and I still indulge in pop. when I shouldn't.
    My Christmas was good. Got used to using my new laptop. =D How was yours?

    Looks like you changed avatars, since then.
    What's an emu?

    Must be fun, recommending different anime to each other. Some of my other friends on here, suggest a few, but I get lazy. xD I've actually watched the first season of Heaven's Lost Property, and thought it was good; and the fan service was funny. Ever heard of We Without Wings? It's kind of like Durarara. I still love Lucky Star the most out of all the ones I watch. Hmm, can't say I've heard of K before.

    Hmm, perhaps its Charisma then? Nah, I highly doubt your weird, Chill. Is it warm in Australia right now? Mmm, must be nice to be laid back. :3

    So, anything new going on with you, lately?
    Mmm, I can't think of anything else new, do you know Blue Exorcist? Or Psyren?
    For TV shows have you seen Doctor Who or Supernatural?
    Have you looked at Attack on Titan yet?
    It's RELLY GOOD, it's a little grotesque but still good, check it out on mangerehere.com.
    Try Attack on Titan or Shingeki no Kyojin
    Oh I see, I'll have to watch out for that in the future.

    No problem I'm glad you like it~
    I had the same problem but only when using the link, save it first and then upload it from your computer.
    You're gonna need a bit heftier champion. Like Nidalee. Just anyone with a hard hitting skill.
    Ehh if we ever play, don't make me play Varus. I did terrible. *cough* 1/18
    Trying a ranged champion and poke him when he gets close. Nasusshould just focus on CS and use that slow aoe thing has. It makes Wukong offense less
    as for that Kayle. I have no clue what so ever.
    Opinion taken.
    Id say during Laning phase, do not let him farm. Tell your jungle to gank a lot. If better go duo lane. I had a terrible match up against a Nidalee and Aatrox. Especially when my jungle was Kayle. >.>.
    Aha I know how you feel. Dem losers who flash and Ks.
    I remember having a match where our team was nearly flawless.
    73/1 Our team kills to theirs.
    Should I get Jade Dragon or General WuKong?
    Bought dat WuKong two nights ago.
    Rocking a good 18/5/10 average <3333
    I'm playing the part of a knowledgeable man. If he desensitizes later... well. I should have some jolly good fun.

    on another note, do you understand gamma radiation?
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