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  • Mate, stop it. You're just making a fool of yourself out of something that nobody really cares about anymore.
    The fact that you are taking a debate as a personal insult is telling of your character, get over it. This was never an argument until you posted spoilers on my wall for a game that I did not receive at the time.

    Grow a thick skin, forums are made to debate and have your ideas challenged. Okay, so I was wrong. I'm not spoiling things for people when they have their ideas disproved.
    yo~ just wanted to say we're good, I didn't get mad, you were still ok compared to other aggressive responses that lately appear here on the forums lol
    the message got across and that's what counts now
    (left a message here so I don't drive away from the main topic in the thread again)
    I understand how you are reading the scene and I agree that Jack’s assistance is what made it possible for Will to stab the heart. In my post, I wasn’t trying to go into that much detail because there was no reason to. Will ultimately held the blade that stabbed the heart, so I referred to him to describe the scene in the simplest terms. The subject was about the stabbing of a physical heart and whether that would be censored. Sorry, but it isn’t worth my time to go back and forth on the matter when I’ve seen the film plenty of times and I understand what was happening in the scene.
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