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  • ... Not exactly sure what to say to that >.>'

    They didn't :0?

    Well at least your school staff has moral values regarding students and other people.

    Sweet B)
    Gainesville must be fairly large to have 4 different high schools, especially for a town O_O

    I'd say, just hope nothin' too nutty happens over there anytime soon.
    O_O" ... It would appear our definitions of odd differ quite a bit.(Frightening more like it). Did anything happen? Do you live in the town your school is at?
    I've taken Kynim's Nuzlocke Diamond challenge > Diamond Nuzlocke Comic - COMPLETE by ky-nim on deviantART

    I got it translated, and it's hard to say. I just hope that the people in hoods are the rest of the org, the fan-base need to put the name speculations to rest, don'tcha think :/?
    Dost my eyes decieve me, you're going back to writing, oh happy day :D (I'm as screwy as ever as you can tell ;)

    Not much, I recently started watching Code Geass, it's quite brilliant to be honest.

    And how are you :)?
    Hi!!! I'm Xickin:) I saw you are a fan of FMA? I created an FMA RP that in my opinion is pretty good:) Would you like me to send you a link?
    Who knows, maybe the pressence of the Pacifistas may have some bearing on how the Marines will change :/

    Like say, heat-seeking missiles, machine gun arm sockets, things in that order ;)?
    I find it kinda stupid that almost every generic Marine will go at someone when they have little to no chance at coming up top -_- (Example: ... Too many to name -_-" )
    Sounds like online, at least in america :/ Yeah, Jimbe seems to be close to joining Luffy, the bomb could begin a war between the Strawhats and Big Mam, and Smoker seems to be getting put back into the picture (Which no doubtably makes you the most excited ;). I like the quote by, Pekoms was it?
    It seems almost every logia falls uner this category (Aside from Ace, maybe Boraslino, and maybe Kuzan :/
    A dream, anything can happen (BtW, I reffered to those who were participating in the RG). Also I said it's one of the spots a person can end-up, Traverse, to my understanding is one of the worlds a person can end-up on.

    It leads me to believe worlds 'in-between' are the places people end-up in when they survive the destruction of their world, it may be where nobodies end-up in as well (Though I don't really wish to believe that part) Namine appearing CO and Roxas in Twilight Town seem to strengthen the possibility. But, I'd like to believe it depends on the where that person is when they become a heartless, or rather produce a nobody.

    So switching topic, did you hear about the old report on Funimation getting the license for OP Season 4? (It's pretty old, so I doubt you haven't)
    Okay, you seem to want to know if I have any theories having to do with DDD (Or you seemed to) and I have one. It's in regard to the reward for winning the RG in Tranverse Town with the RoS.

    So people don't die, but heart do go to sleep, and that's an equivalent to death in the universe, yes. Traverse town is one of the spots where people end-up after their world is destroyed (Going by the offical rules of the game). My theory is those who end up in there are people who became heartless. Win, you come back as a reborn. Lose, your heart shall go to sleep forever.

    So what do you think?
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