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  • Yooo. I'm making my rounds and popping in to check on anyone who hasnt posted in TBB yet. Things will be getting hectic soon with the Ten Tails attack, so make sure you get in there to post. If you need help with anything let me know.
    Kay ^0^ *Spins around*

    KH3 sounds more likely first, it would be nice for the thing people have wanted for so long to finally come out after all the prequels and back-tracking is out of the way. DDD is new and fresh, but it's been wanted less as long in comparision to KH3.
    I dunno why I fail to see this, but if so he needs an intervention. Big time :/

    I think so too, but this could result in Sora sharing the same fate as Terra. I dunno if that would be all too appealing (Then again, Sora is the main hero for the entire series indefinately).

    Who knows, it might've been the inspiration :/
    Wasn't he already cocky 0.o? Would be a nice twist.

    Hmm ... I don't know if I should or shouldn't wish for that 0.o

    I know, I wonder what wonder he's on :/
    Actually Sora asked in anger if they all had hearts (Basically asking if they're Reborns). So that Xemnas may just be Xehanort. Anything else, dream, anything can happen. Even that. Perhaps, deep down, Sora fears Xehanort or his heart fears Vanitas 0.o?
    Well, it takes place inside a dream, so literally anything can happen. Vanitas and YX included. My guess is somehow along the way Riku and Sora will be met with their worst fears (XH taking a dagger to Riku may have something to do with Riku's fear). I think the Riku in the hood is somehow Data Riku, but I can't fathom how it could be the original. The only thing I think I can really say positively is Reborns may in fact surface in the world they lost their heart and appear garbed with the Org Coat if they their nobody fades while wearing it (Two of my previous self-kept theories).
    Well each have their perks and down sides. PS3 if you're working the right things and messing with the wrong people, they can put your credit it major jeporardy (Just warnin' ya). I don't know much about the Vista, aside from it probably being the most expensive. If you want to play DDD and are a fan of the 2 Nintendo Mascots then the 3DS is what I'd suggest.
    Well, best of advice, buy it off something like Amazon (It was the only reason I was able to get it in the first place :/

    I can understand. 2 of my firends on here stopped visting for a while and I can never stop myself from having a bit of paranoia. I'm just glad to hear that you're okay :) But, I won't ignore your loss, for it would be insensitive of me to do so :(
    It's awesome, I beat the main story already, so now I'm doing extra stuff to collect the reports for each day. So do you have TWEWY?

    Want to say the reason, then? (Don't have to, if you don't want to)
    I'm so sorry for your loss :(

    A 3DS (Which I already lost the stylus to X,D), TWEWY, a new Wii Nuchuck, and a KH2 shirt L:

    So did your grades go down, or something :/?
    :0 Sup' Max :D? Sure has been a while, how's/how'd BB go for you? Get what you want for christmas? (Questions, questions, questions, lol ^0^ )
    So, I was thinking ... Do you think NA VA for Ms. Merry Christmas or Dr. Kureha could do NA Curly Dadan :?
    Well, I don't have Wi-Fi at home, but I get it at the library in town (Though I'm not sure if it would work). Why? You want to battle?

    How we do 0.o? (The pokemon battle on this site)
    Yeah, one day you looked at your PSP after getting off a bus at (I belive LA) and your saw the screen was cracked. That bout' right ^_^?

    I have been having a real hard time trying to get the damn timing right for the ship on Sundays (Reward is a Rare Candy per Sunday :D ... Haven't succeeded once -_-" The timing switches each season, and a season is a month's time for Pokemon Black. If these insane traders were so plenty I'd like to get Thunduras to activate the the Landorus battle, but with someone (Perhaps the only one willing to trade) wanting a lv 1 Tornadus?! ... Is that even possible without screwing up the game with hacks 0.O?
    It's fine, man ^_^ I've watched the cutscenes and the Secret Video to that long ago. But it sucks that you won't be able to play the PSP (It is friend's right?) ) :
    I guess :/

    Maybe, but I don't know about anytime it would fit, it's a little dramatic after :/ But thanx for showing it to man X)
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