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Killa DeX
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  • i'm going to try and translate some of the bbs novel over my break~

    i have lots of assignments to do, though ;~;
    ME NEITHER (well it's actually autumn here, now!) We have our Easter hols starting from this Friday. I can't wait to get home~
    I'm working on re-uniting most of ES on another site. It's made by Blade again and Rae, Ig, and Ava are admins.


    Heard you needed a Kain Avy :]
    I see. Well, I hope you at least enjoyed break and the time you spend with yer family. All 90's and a scholarship, huh? That's a good goal. I don't really have much of a goal to aim for...but I've got 5 A's and 2 B's, so I can't complain, really. Even though everyone tells me that I could easily have a GPA of 4.0 based on test results.

    I forget what my assistant principal called it...SATs, I guess? Ranked top 9 percentaile in Math, top 15 on English among all people my grade nationally. FCAT results place me in the top 1% of kids my grade, but that's just Florida. Told me I should have all A's easily. But God, if there's something I hate above all, it's being told what I can/can't do. =__=

    Still, freshman year's going better than I anticipated. A few times I freaked out because of my constant paranoia coupled with some of my peers who were just danged creepy, but nothing's happened. ^^

    Ah, but here I go, ranting about myself again! Sorry. XD
    Hiya! I know, I haven't written lately, but Merry Christmas~ =D

    How ya been lately? I've just busy with my freshman year, trying to get good grades to at least keep my mother and grandparents off my ass. Glad to have a break for once. XD

    Oh, but presents were good this year. Got a few games and movies, all of which I like very much...I'm grateful we could get away with getting presents, usually we're dirt poor around this time of year, and I got my sister some new headphones, since her old ones were falling apart~ =3
    I actually though Maleficent's was really cool. I had that for like five seconds before I changed to Ven
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