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  • Wow. You been working on a manga, thats pretty cool you know. Any more info for me? lol. But let me know when it is up on the web. Shall definitley check it out ;-)
    Thats true yeah, I noticed that. My interests to come here were for a few reasons, the memories was one, and it was really good to see the oldies arriving too. But I guess when the next official game comes out, its probably gna make us all more active really.
    =O !
    Ms Azure! Wow, been a while. I been meaning to drop u message. I'm doin the usual really. Working and finishing studies. But its been really good :)
    How are you? What u been upto the past two years it seems according to our visitor messages!
    dude those pictures are awesome :D i also have a DA account but its empty cause i was originally guna put some stories in there but lost interest in them D:

    *favorites azures da page*
    a khi renaissance lol.... but wait, wouldn't that mean bringing back PMF? D:

    mmm i spend my time at other forums like this or just playing any F2P mmo games that interest me
    ive got mixed feelings about coming back -_-

    this forum feels so alien from when i first left it D:
    custodial work for a warehouse company, 11 an hour yo :D
    to tell you the truth im not really sure what that site is about, i was just poking around the forum one day and that site popped out. apparently anyone from our generation and back had a chance to join it before the forum got a new look so im not sure whats going on anymore.

    yea i noticed that also D: its a conspiracy i tells ya >.>
    i was hoping you'd ask what was written on the card, but alas I've forgotten myself D:

    doing good, found a job so i no longer fear not having to scrounge around for a quick buck :D
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