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  • yes lol. everyone's "names" are different so it isn't a popularity contest. but a lot of popular members here are popular BECAUSE of how they look soooo its kinda dumb but w/e yes i am ace
    who is actually a member here that creeps me out so its like ironic
    errrr, well, you click on the main section, then click on either male or female division and each thread in the divisions has two people up against each other and a poll to vote for who goes on. we're on round 3...er, actually i think 3 is over. steve is working on round 4
    noo o: anybody who had privileges (mod, site staff, ffn staff, admin) who retires gets the green name lol
    errrrrr i wasnt a mod ^^;; i was on site staff from like 2008-2009 and then i switched to FF.net staff for a little while in 2010 and now i'm retired hehe
    Yeah. I heard the bomb.

    I'm still shocked. Can't believe it happened. What happened at the youth camp was the worst.
    Well. What's new right now?
    Have you read the news?
    Something awful happened in my country and the city I live in yesterday.
    I wasn't near or anything, but it's still affecting me.
    Oh Yes! I have! Really is that what - Oh! I understand now! lol

    Hahahah Well it used to be called "Role Playing for Dummies" but we decided on a name change because in case we got big there'd actually be copyright issues with the name.

    The occasional slip usually just gets edited and added a warning. But frequent use despite being warned I've seen result in banning. Lamb's not unreasonable but he is strict on it. I don't swear - so i've never found it a problem, but i know some people struggle with it a lot. There's been a lot of discussion over it - but it seems a lot of the members actually like the language rules on there - so they stay - personally i don't care, i mean i wont use it - but i don't care if others do - it's a personal choice thing in my opinion - but yeah.

    Once you get to know them though, you'll find they're on a whole a really decent bunch of people, they're respectful in the discussion sections, encouraging in the rp sections - and the creative sections, they're insanely silly in the spam sections ect.
    Oh... I have no idea about athurian legend - sounds interesting though o.o

    And Second rp forum eh? I was nervous about suggesting it to you cause i didn't know if you were an rp man or not.
    But heck Im not really - except that KH Rp has probably changed me - cause that thing is intense.

    And - so you're considering joining? Wow! =D
    Just one thing you should no - not that i've ever seen you use it - but they do have a really strict language rule on there - but that's about it really... You can pretty much go nuts there - which is kinda obvious given that the place is named "Asylum" lol.
    Bahahahahaaha! Don't do that. But - Sorry - I had to ask XDD - Sometimes that's all you'd ever say. Having said that though - your message was always very clear. XD

    It's a small roleplaying forum by a guy who used to frequent khi - I didn't know him from KHi but I knew someone else who introduced me to the place. Oddly enough I never had rp'd before but I mainly went there cause it was so... welcoming? I started up their first graphics shop there - and it was really encouraging - the administrator and I also have plans for me to redo the site's graphics and give it an overall polish-up. I've been a member of the forum for 2 years now (actively for 1 though) and they only just convinced me to enter in an RP. lol. Of course its a Kingdom Hearts one so... naturally... they know how to convince me XD. Before then I just hung around the discussion threads and spam threads lol. If you're bored you can check it out here. Being a small forum its not exactly active though - I do my part to keep it alive though XD

    Music - well... Not really... I graduated High school last year and so I don't really have any bands to play in any more. Truly I haven't picked up an instrument since I left - lol. We had a new teacher that wasn't exactly encouraging - he picked favourites then left the rest of us in a corner so to speak so I sorta lost interest again - I still love music - I just dont have much confidence in my own ability anymore.

    What about you Xziled - what have you been doing to occupy yourself?
    ~ arigato (thanx).
    ~ uhh, you have any clue why the skins for this site are called stampy and clown college?? i'm using the dark skin.
    Oh No! Not a conspiracy! *hides under table*
    And yes - it is hard to believe.
    Well - It's hard for me to believe that two years ago i was a confirmed addict of this place - now? Ehh... I mainly just lurk
    I sorta have a new forum home - which is a lot smaller and more to my liking XD
    :/ I don't remember if i got a chance to say good bye before i left - if I didn't Im sorry.
    My life was kinda turned upside down and then inside out - But hey - I've got no regrets XD
    So I don't know but I think I'm a little different than when i was two years ago - which I hope... is a good thing ._.

    Hey... I've been dying to ask - "Do you still do these ones - -_- ?" XDD
    I hope things have been going okay for you.
    ~ i think pmf still comes here, or hasn't for a few months now. i sometimes go to dA, but most of the time it's just tumblr or watching movies online or something.my page at dA is full of nothing but my photography. i can't wait to get a hold of my new nikon and start doing some macro photography so i can give people a break from seeing nothing but the sky. ma page at dA.
    ~ that's true. i don't even visit as much as i used to. i guess someone's gotta start another khi renaissance or something. these days i frequent tumblr. that's my blogging site. i stay there looking at random pictures and checking out other people's blogs.
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