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  • Thats because i was told that Bittermeat retired that same night.

    Only though she hasent yet. And she will soon
    Really I did not know that -End Sarcasm-

    I dont know where you got the impression that i did not now that
    Are you a moron? That post wasn't directed towards you in any way, and I can't even fathom how you possibly imagined that it was. I was talking about Lycanthrope's problem, and making a reference to my own girlfriend. How the fuck did that offend you? Even if you did think I was talking about you, you have no right to tell me to stop, because I was giving my opinion in an attempt to help someone else. Your advice was pretty pointless anyway.
    You just use the same format.

    Stock: high quality preferably
    Size: Usual is 400 x 150
    Colors: Artist can choose or you can
    Text: 3 word limit
    Avatar: {Y} {N}

    as an example, it's not that hard.
    Well that's good to know, I can say the same of myself unless they're total assholes; which there are a few online and offline. But it's all a part of life.
    I toned down my cynicism, which did a great deal of good, but just to make sure I'll look back through our conversations.


    I guess it was within threads and not visitor messages then since every rebuke I made was decent. Eh it's in the past.
    Conversations are always good, but I do have to ask, how was I "on your back?" I noticed that on SA's page.
    It was more so planned, not so much as your suggestion, never the less it looks nice, the banner is a bit big though.
    What you should do is stop being such an obviously pathetic excuse for an attention seeker.
    If you didn't understand the theory it's one thing, but you said you were "improving" something when you were saying not only what we said at first, but then went on to more ludicrous and baseless things.
    And then you whined and said you were leaving.
    Next time, just leave and try to save whatever dignity you have left, mmkay?
    Well, once you become a Heartless you begin to lose your sense of self and begin to act solely based on instinct, right? And once this starts happening, your memories slowly begin transferring over to your body and soul or Nobody, as your heart at the moment is incapable of holding the memories.
    I was going by your statement in the thread for my response.

    But by switching Ven and Ariel's hearts, you just made Ven a drag queen! D': (I'm joking, just so you know.)

    In all seriousness again, I don't think it's possible that the two switched hearts either. Hearts contain memories and had the two had their hearts switched, then Ven would have memories of being a little girl with a fish tail swimming in the ocean and Ariel would have memories of being a young, teenage boy fighting Unbirths with two older teens and getting his butt whooped by an old, tan guy and a strange guy in armor. Just saying.
    Well, I don't think that you are able to transfer the pureness of your heart to someone else. Like I said before, it seems like a process you would need to do yourself and I'm not sure whether or not it's actually possible to transfer the pureness of your heart to someone else.Kairi's heart was transferred over to Sora's, but that didn't mean her pureness was transferred over as well.

    I'm just saying that the purity of your heart doesn't really seem like something you would be able to tamper with. You can tamper with the darkness in your heart and in others' hearts, but that's more likely due to there being darkness in every heart (save the PoHs and BWHoPL) and it actually being something that can be manipulated. An example of which would be the Heartless, which is what happens when darkness engulfs the heart.
    I'm not really disproving your theory by saying it hasn't been confirmed yet, I'm just saying that if there's not an Atlantica world in BBS, then your theory is impossible.
    So... Ven has a heart of a young girl and Ariel has the heart of a young man? Crossdressers. Lol.

    In all seriousness though, we don't know if there is going to be or not. It hasn't been confirmed yet, as far as we know. We do know that Cinderella, Snow White, and Aurora's worlds are all going to be in BBS, but we haven't had confirmation for any other worlds that I can remember.
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