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  • ok well heres one last version you can try

    You're easy to pick on
    I do no such thing.
    Hate all you want, but it won't change a thing.
    You're not a huge bother.
    Stop being stupid.
    Blunt and clear. My point is across pretty well.

    You haven't done anything stupid today, but this is a preemptive strike.
    JUST for such an occasion as to where you do it.
    It's actually a good idea, but the whole site staff will have to get their opinions in as well. And I haven't thought of it really.
    Even so, with time you can improve, so don't count yourself out just yet; practice makes perfect. And we'll probably find someone else already on the team, or rather do a search for members with experience for this sort of thing. Some what like auditions I suppose.
    Oh well most of the articles and news coverage of the game is in katana and what not, though there is kanji too. Also considering your english language skills I can imagine that you'd have a hard time translating.
    It's not a total loss, she isn't leaving us soon, but when she does we will need another one.. That is if there isn't already another translator on KHI that I am not aware of.
    Well as I said, she's not translating professionally here, so I doubt she'd share inside info with the mods, otherwise her retirement announcement that she will set up would be useless.
    Thanks for the compliment :3
    Oh and retiring from working at KHI at the very least. Not necessarily altogether.
    Oh well random thoughts tend to spark the mind, so you're not crazy, a little out there but not crazy.
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