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  • Hell it's possible but I don't partake in that. Just doesn't seem safe to me =\
    No problem, and the only disadvantage to these pills is that it makes my mouth and throat dry -w- on top of that they make me a bit anxious.
    Oh no don't worry about it, I know what you meant, I just decided to give you a bit of detail :3 you said it just fine.
    I've been sick for a while; steadily getting better with meds though, of which I forgot to take again -_-
    hey, do whatever.
    I'm just skipping the awkward drunken visitor messages and going straight to the heart of the situation.
    But you do you.
    Look, I'll only do one of 2 things: Smile and hit on you constantly, OR treat you the exact same way.
    Makes no difference.
    Well, since I'm probably going to get drunk and wind up flirting with you anyway, what do you look like?

    I'm always a help. People just don't appreciate my kind of help all the time; like a stab to the face. It's helpful.
    Suffering Angel?
    Oh, I thought it was someone important, like Ulti.
    Remember this:

    SA is irrelevant and she can only threaten to take away rep from you. OVER the internet I might add.

    She gets mad and starts talking shit at you again, say:

    "Karate told me to tell you that you're a sad person and you only bully over the internet to mask the birden of how horrible a person you are in real life; who in fact should kill themselves because, let's face it, the only way you're getting any form of affection is if Ray Charles comes back fom the dead. Because Stevie Wonder would be like 'damn!' Furthermore, you're just an overall horrible person."

    Just copy and paste it. JUST like that.
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