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  • Done your siggy!


    Rep me at The Dragoons Hub or at the thread you asked for it in. =3
    that's because that's not how you put images into your sig. You have to upload it to a place like photoshop, take the link for the image and put it in a
    you dont need permission to put an image into your sig.
    It's possible that A: You're doing it wrong. B. The mods hate you just as much as Star Light.

    To add images to your sig, go to your CP, and click on edit signature. There's a button that let's you add pics via url. In the visitor messages, it's between the "add hyperlink" button and "quote" button.

    CLick on that, and paste the image url in there.

    If you want to upload pics to your sig from your computer, first upload them to your album.
    Ah, you're red now. Look, here's the premium keys.
    You can negarep now. Don't do anything stupid with them. Especially anything that targets me in retribution, which would cause me to dump on you until you're crying.
    With the color of red, there exists a level of experience that is required. Don't mess up.
    HAve fun and congrats.
    Yeah it was no problem, you needed help so I wanted to offer a bit of advice.
    Just check up on your thread and maybe log off of here, bringing emotional problems onto the internet is never good. Trust me I've been through it before and I've flipped on various people. Try and avoid it at all costs <.<

    And yeah Sam has got the right idea, but it's still just advice so at the end of the day it's based on how you act not the advice that is given to you. But for the most part I agree with him.
    No problem ;3
    And I think you might want to see into Sam's advice in your thread about the whole marriage issue.

    He's got the right idea, even though it's a more to the point version of my post.
    -I'm a down to earth guy.<333
    -I'm a relaxed guy
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