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  • Okay.

    But what if there isn't going to be an Atlantica world in BBS? How would Triton transfer the pureness of his daughter's heart to Ven if Ven or really anyone never went to Atlantica? That being said, how would Triton 1) know his daughter had a heart of pure light, and 2) be able to transfer it? From what I can tell, the transferring of either light or darkness is something that you have to do yourself. No one else can really transfer it for you, as far as I know.
    I see that, but you mean in real life since actual speech doesn't happen here.
    Well on KHI at least, it's best to use proper grammar such as substituting "U" for "You" and so on.

    It takes time, but I'd work on it in RL before you work on it on KHI.
    And the only person I know who had a hard time learning english is Rabello.
    You immigrated here I see, well now I get it.
    Still it takes time, so work on your language skills a bit and your thread making process a bit and I'm sure you'll do better next time.

    No problem, I help those who need it ;3
    Wait....really? You're not of American origin?

    Hell that explains a lot doesn't it? If I knew that (and others) it would help them understand you're not very good with your words because of your upbringing. Well it takes time to learn and do things in the proper manner, so I'd take time on the language skills, and the same can be said for your theories.

    With the language barrier and issue I suggest you take your time on them and use the proper resources too. I tend to go up from 15 minutes to possible an hour or more before making a good theory. But that's just me, as I can't walk you through the whole process.

    At this point I am pretty much helpless :\
    Well providing a better thread structure would help a bit.
    Will save you a lot more bashing if you have your facts straight and so on.

    And I closed it, only reason being that it was getting out of hand, and it could have gotten a lot worse so I stopped it before it went to complete shit. And to be honest, Garth was trying to be helpful as well, actually one of the least demeaning in the thread IMO.
    Ah yes bittermeats is very capable where translations are concerned.
    I'd let her handle things instead before you go pro.
    Well you're right, though a nega rep wasn't necessary.

    So you're trying to take a hand up in translating eh?
    The fuck are you doing here? I thought you were gone. You're supposed to be gone. I was on vacation and you abruptly ended it. Go do stuff that doesn't involve KHI for a while.
    Simple: You should see "Customize User Profile" in the minor block border (the border right under your name and avatar description; should be on the far right of "Send message and Edit User profile " And an alternative to this is to go to your User CP, look at the column to your left and click "Customize User Profile" from there.).

    Once in the Customization screen you have a choice of changing the colors on the borders and even the background. To use a background image you must first make a profile album to use it. Create a profile album> Upload a picture from your PC via the "browse button"> Select a picture that is within the preferred size limit> go back to the customization page> Go to the box that says "Main"> Look for the address bar that says "background"> Click on the little landscape like icon, and you'll see one of the images you uploaded. Click on the preferred image then save the changes to it (that button should be located at the bottom of the page). Done.

    And no problem, it's always good to ask a mod a question.
    Thank you! Those look fun. I played the one where you shoot the guy with the apple, but it was more fun shooting him. Now I'm going to play "the Handy Man".
    I don't have any computer games though. >.< My Sims2 is in the Den and I can't go in there or my door will squeak. Insomnia is bleh.
    There are no games nearby, and I'm not allowed to leave my room or I'll wake my Grandparents up and they'll be moody. Having them moody would not be fun because I live with them.
    Have you ever been so unbelievably bored that you decided to randomly spam someone's visitor messages with your boredness? That's how bored I am.
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