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Recent content by AngelOfDestruction

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    Kingdom Hearts with Japanese Dubbing

    I don't think you can get Japanese dubbing I have literally gotten everything in KH:FM and for the most part nothing new happens except for the new ending
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    Is it possible to get to a high level on Destiny Islands?

    It's very possible to get a high level in Destiny Islands but if you really want to do it, it takes time and patience I got to level 20 then got impatient and left.....But there are people who have gotten level 100 of Destiny Islands.
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    How to get to the hidden bosses

    Nope not really unless you know you've seen the secret cut scene.... Also you get bragging rights :)
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    How long?

    How long did it take you to get "hooked" on Kingdom Hearts...? took me...1-10 minutes to get addicted ^_^
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    Star door

    Re: star door Nope not Scenery Examine it when on3 time there.....or it's already open :D
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    Treasure Hunter

    Kh1 I don't want to beat the game in 4 hours again
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    Organization XIII Data Battles

    Scythe Said it right....I never knew that But Shouldn't the Organization battles only also be Normal? But that won't be fair so I see
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    GameFAQs: Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (GBA) Sleight Guide by Litz5522 This Could Help you buts it's for GBA
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    Is it me or..

    Hey When I talk People in diefferent angles they say something different I don't know why
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    Cheats to good to be truth

    Get all chests then get souleater........ sorry if this is old well post your crazy cheats about kh it's a little game who has a crazy cheat? ALL GAMES NOT TRUE
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    WOW!!!I BEAT E.M> on expert mode fm!

    beat him after so many tries so happy....no for sephy but im missing a character besides sephy?!?!
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    Finally beat Phantom on FM on Proud mode

    Yes that black and white devil!Took to long.....now for E.M and Sephy
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    Limit Form Info

    limit yes in kh2fm+ well I don't know but I kow You go back to Sora's clothes and have Ragnorak Etc..
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    Whoa.....E.S beat Person fighting no hit/limit/drives

    YouTube - KH2FM ES(The Knight) No Damage/No Drive/No Limit Whoa.......today He is too good >.>
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    KH2:FM+ Scenes

    Re: KH2:FM+ Scenes [Post Videos Here] hmm here is the whole organization data all won Saix - YouTube - KH2FM- Saix Data (Critical Mode) Xigbar - YouTube - KH2FM- Xigbar Data (Critical Mode) Marluxia - YouTube - KH2FM- Marluxia Data (Critical Mode) Demyx - YouTube - KH2FM- Demyx Data (Critical...