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  • Well they were joking so it wasn't anything serious lol

    psh I would need the money first
    lol it's happened before...

    yeah but it's still outside of our skill set/time. If I had the time to make fan art then I might but it's just not really possible now >.>
    Oh I don't lol I'm the one who organizes the updates but I never know what content my team is going to give me

    Eh it's hard enough trying to get those don't, I don't think we really have the skill set/time for anything else
    huh leaving me out? o.o

    haha yeah I don't really have my team go outside that
    haha wish I got paid

    thanks ;D still wish more people would use them around the forum ._.

    Yeah should be one coming up next saturday
    lol don't know if I want to do that, too much work xD

    Eh I don't really 'moderate' per say, I just do a lot of graphic updates on the site
    Well, I'm one of the people who heads site staff now but I'm more like a reserve if the other person is unable to do the job :x
    One year? Seems longer than that....

    Same stuff really, nothings changed much from then. I'm still a site mod :x
    So they DO always come back ;p

    Haha yeah l'm like on here everyday. Nay and prod are still on too.
    Oh yeah that Xaldin battle took forever (stupid lance dragon >.<)

    lol at least it's still around

    haha the only thing I would lack is the power to back it up :D
    haha yeah I remember that feeling! then KHII came along ._.

    I still have my original copy o:

    yeah he took a while ._.

    lol makes me want to go back and play KH again

    haha I wouldn't mind the next color being black
    lol I hated when I would just randomly come across them without knowing how strong they would be

    yeah she still had some range though D:

    or is it...hmmm....
    lol I had heard he would be hard I just didn't know how hard. I then spent the next week or so trying to beat it :\

    selphie scared me, because she had so much range

    lol the higher up mods
    Well whatever that thing was it was hard to beat :x haha all of the younger ones are annoying, cept tidus wakka and selphie xD

    everyone thinks that lol but they assure us it's orange. it used to be even lighter then this :eek:
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