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  • Thanks, you were right the attacks are easy to dodge. It kept dodging them till he couldn't use slights anymore then he wasn't hard to beat. Now i've finished the whole game Riku's story included.
    It depends on what theory it is because plenty of people have made their own theory thread. I don't really go into the KH sections at all and have no reason to since I don't like KH anymore and I don't even have power there so eh.

    As for your theory, I think you can be safe with making your own thread. I suggest exploring the forum for a while, reading the FAQ once that's put up again and just seeing how things go if you're that confused.

    Or ask me if you have any other questions.
    Yeah, I saw some people post up there stuff before and maybe half the people kinda cared and the other half ripped on him and pretty much made fun of him for putting it up.
    I seriously wish there was a half Japanese and half american (englsih) KH site
    Yeah, that and it doesn't look so lame. lol I just wish there was a thread or a group there that was all about KH. Then it would be perfect
    I told you! My internet SUCKS! Lol
    It's not a excuse. More of a inconvience.
    Don't go! lol.... I think your like my only friend on here besides one other again.
    -_- This is onemanga all over again. Do I just suck at being a friend? lol
    Yeah, I think you can edit. But not sure. Like I said. You came at the worst time. About 90 percecnt of the people here left two days ago because of these crappy changes
    lol Want me to check? She may not seem it, but she's really open. lol She swears more then a sailer. She's a laid back mod. Want me to check?
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