Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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Japanese Voice Actor: Akira Ishida
English Voice Actor: Vincent Corazza

Number VI in the Organization, Zexion keeps mostly to the shadows of Castle Oblivion's basements, where his schemes can take root and grow. Avoiding combat by nature, he prefers to work through elaborate plans and manipulations, much befitting his element of Illusion. He is very careful with his words, holding a deep respect for his fellow Organization veterans stationed at the castle: Vexen, number IV; and Lexaeus, V.

While the three of them plotted beneath the castle, Zexion was the first to notice the bemusing appearance of Sora's friend Riku in the lower levels. Bemusing in the sense that his scent almost exactly mirrored that of the Superior, Xemnas. Realizing that this similarity came from the power of Ansem - Xehanort's Heartless - inside of him, the trio decides to use Riku in combating Marluxia and his plans to control Sora.

However, when Vexen dies at Axel's hands, and Lexaeus at Riku's, the Cloaked Schemer decides that more direct action is necessary. With Larxene gone and Marluxia soon on his way, there was no use in keeping a threat alive. He appears before Riku in the third basement of the castle, giving him a card crafted from the boy's memories of his home, Destiny Islands. There, he uses illusion to torment him, creating images of Riku's lost childhood friends. He then confronts Riku personally, constantly barraging him with questions and twisting words, blaming the islands' destruction on him. As the storm from Riku's memories rocks the islands, Zexion summons the Darkside to finally eliminate Riku for good.

But when the massive Heartless fails, Zexion turns to his backup plan: appearing like Sora, he attacks Riku with a Keyblade made of illusion. Caught off-guard, Riku surrenders to the light Zexion summoned to devour him…nearly. Somehow, he escapes from the light, slicing through Zexion's illusion. Faced with no other option, Zexion attacks Riku personally, using his Lexicon to weave dark attacks and apparitions - but to no avail. He returns to the castle basements barely alive, gasping for breath. When Axel appears with the Riku Replica at his side, he at first thinks they came to assist him in defeating Riku. Instead, the Replica decides to use Zexion as practice, absorbing his powers into himself. Axel, meanwhile, only chuckles, remarking that Zexion "just found out way too much."


Japanese Voice Actor: Akira Ishida
English Voice Actor: Vincent Corazza

True to his title as the Cloaked Schemer, Organization Number VI Zexion is manipulative and cunning, using his powers of illusion to fight in battle in preference of getting his hands dirty. He completes his tasks in secrecy which suggests that beneath his young and mature exterior, he harbors some kind of darker persona. He is a part of the group that is headed by Marluxia sent to Castle Oblivion by Saïx, in order to eliminate traitors; but before he was sent away, he lived at The Castle That Never Was, teaching Roxas calmly and carefully about the mechanisms of the mission gauge. Although his death at Castle Oblivion overshadows his time with Roxas, Zexion later makes a cameo in one of Xion's nightmares where Roxas assumes that a hooded figure is Xion. After confronting the figure, it actually turns out to be Zexion taunting Riku, a reflection of one of Zexion's many activities at Castle Oblivion.

Zexion's nature as the intellect of the Organization shines through battling; he even uses his sacred Lexicon when up against an enemy, delivering whacks to anything within hitting distance, both manually and using his psychic control over the book. Even though his physical strength is quite limited, Zexion deals massive blows with his extensive magic power, making him quite a formidable opponent on the field, especially when he uses his Limit Break, Meteor Mirage, during which meteors of darkness plummet from the heavens to cause havoc.

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