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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep (2010) 
Japanese Voice Actor: Kenichi Suzumura 
English Voice Actor: Rick Gomez

A young wannabe hero, Zack traveled far and wide in search of Phil, having heard of his past deeds of converting zeroes to heroes, and wanted greatly to become a hero himself. He is positive and upholds a cheerful attitude and infectious personality, almost always wearing a smile on his face.

He arrives at the Coliseum at almost the same time Ven does, having been on a wild goose chase hunting the great trainer of heroes down. However, as Phil could not train both Zack and Hercules, he pitted them against each other in the Games, claiming that the one who would be able to prove himself would be his trainee. Alas, Zack was unaware that Phil never meant on training him to begin with, but despite it all, he continues on with a smile on his face, becoming great friends with Ven and Herc in the process.

Through a series of unfortunate circumstances, Zack became a pawn in Hades' scheme, forced to battle Terra in the Games under the control of darkness. His defeat at Terra's hands made it possible for him to reclaim his freedom, and he gained not only a new friend, but a new hero to look up to. He looks forward to the day when he and Terra will be able to have a rematch, this time, with his own strength.

Zack would go on to meet Aqua when entered the Coliseum, finding himself her opponent in the final. He told her about Terra, how he freed him from Hades' control and their promise to fight again in the future. Although he was unable to defeat her, his wishes of exacting his and Terra's revenge upon Hades were granted when Aqua faced him in the true final match. Feeling giddy and excited about her victory, Zack offers to take Aqua out on a date to celebrate. Although she politely declines his offer, he appears to pay it no heed, and decides that when he becomes a hero, the supposed date will become a reality.

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