Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS II (2006)
Japanese Voice Actor: Koki Uchiyama
English Voice Actor: Jesse McCartney

The youngest of the trio of heroes, Ven's story begins years before those that would become his closest friends are even introduced. The apprentice of Master Xehanort, Ven is a capable pupil though hesitant to use the darkness in his heart - much to Xehanort's displeasure. When Ven refuses to use his darkness to take down several powerful heartless, it is the last straw for Xehanort, who uses his Keyblade to unlock Ven's heart and split the light and darkness within, shaping the latter into a masked boy he would name Vanitas, and leaving Ven in a comatose and amnesic state with a shattered heart. Master Xehanort takes Ven to his home world, Destiny Islands, where he believes Ven will be able to live the last of his days in relative peace in a beautiful place. At this point Ven enters Dive to the Heart, where his heart is put in contact with that of a very young Sora, who says they can link each other's hearts and prevent Ven's fading away. Ven agrees, and as Xehanort prepares to leave his formerly-comatose apprentice lifts his Keyblade to the sky and unleashes a beam of light, surprising Xehanort greatly.

Master Xehanort sees further use for Ven in his plan to recreate the legendary χ-blade, and takes him to the Land of Departure where he may train under Master Eraqus, who will strengthen both his abilities and the light in himself necessary to later forge the χ-blade. When questioned by Terra and Aqua about his past and where he came from, Ven is overcome by agonising pain, and collapses to the ground, once more comatose for several days. When he reawakens, Terra and Aqua are overjoyed, with the former working to quickly befriend Ven and telling him about his dream to become a Keyblade Master, after which Terra gives Ven his wooden keyblade as a sign of their friendship. Over the coming years the three grow extremely close, all three training and struggling towards their dream of becoming Keyblade Masters. The night before the Mark of Mastery exam, predicting that the success of herself and/or Aqua would separate the three of them, Aqua fashions good luck charms for the three of them.

Ven takes on a supporting role in the Mark of Mastery exam, assisting Terra and Aqua where able, though only the latter fully passes the test. Once the exam and subsequent ceremony is complete, it is clear Ven has once again gained the interest of Master Xehanort and his enigmatic apprentice, Vanitas. When Ven returns home, Vanitas appears in his room, hinting of a grim fate for Terra and that he'll become a different person because of his lack of control over darkness. Ven refuses to believe Vanitas, and when the mysterious boy leaves, rushes to find Terra, though arrives too late - he has already departed on his mission to find Master Xehanort. Ven embarks on his own mission to follow Terra and explore the various worlds, and on his journey expands his horizons and makes numerous friends as he works to help them. During his journey, he continually finds clues of Terra's dark acts, which compels him to move faster in pursuit of his friend.

Ven encounters Vanitas once again after leaving the Enchanted Dominion, following him straight to the Keyblade Graveyard, where Ven tries getting answers out of Vanitas. The masked boy merely repeats his original statement about Terra, and the two battle, with Vanitas easily outmatching Ven. Only by the intervention of Mickey is Ven not killed by Vanitas, with the two both then taking on Vanitas and managing to defeat him. Mickey and Ven then travel to Radiant Garden with the aid of the king's Star Shard, though the two become separated soon after arrival. Unable to find Mickey, Ven gives up his search and soon spies a large unversed and engages it in battle, which leads to the three heroes being reunited in a hardly joyous reunion - Terra discovers that Master Eraqus tasked Aqua with spying on him before leaving deeply hurt, while Aqua insists Ven return home.

Ven is soon able to find Terra once more, though for hardly much time - Terra tells Ven he can't come along, but when he truly needs him, Terra knows Ven will be by his side. Ven then seeks out Aqua, though she flatly tells him once more to return to the Land of Departure, though when noting that Ven appears hurt by the comment, she says it's because she is concerned for his safety. Ven remains in Radiant Garden for a while, conflicted at having seen his friends so opposed and angered with each other, until he resolves to continue his journey and redefine his own views of friendship. In Neverland, Ven aids the lost boys and stores his wooden keyblade in their treasure chest filled with prized possessions, and later finds Tinkerbell in possession of King Mickey's Star Shard, which transports him to the Yen Sid's tower. There he meets Donald and Goofy, who escort him up to Yen Sid's study, with the wizard using magic to locate Mickey, his currently dire state prompting Ven to depart for the Keyblade Graveyard immediately.

Once there, Master Xehanort arrives and paralyses Ven, revealing to him the part he must play in the forging of the χ-blade, telling him the real reason he was prevented from attempting the exam or departing his home was Master Eraqus' fear for the creation of the weapon. When done with his revelations, Xehanort sucks Ven and Mickey off-world, where Ven is left to brood on his new, dark thoughts before heading to the Land of Departure for answers from Eraqus. Fully understanding Xehanort's plans, Eraqus tries to destroy Ven and is nearly able to do so, before Terra arrives and forcibly sends Ven to the Destiny Islands. There, he is approached by Vanitas, who explains to him the only place where the χ-blade can be forged is the Keyblade Graveyard and threatens to kill Aqua and Terra if Ven continues his refusal to act towards the creation of the χ-blade.

Left with little choice and hoping to set things right, Ven heads to the Keyblade Graveyard where he meets up with Terra and Aqua, the three of them still bearing some animosity towards each other, though willing to put that behind them for the approaching battle. He explains to Terra and Aqua the relationship between himself and Vanitas, and asks of them to destroy him if he is unable to defeat Vanitas. During the battle, Master Xehanort takes advantage of a slack sneak-attack on Ven's behalf, grabbing the boy and freezing him, only to them drop him off a cliff. Aqua is able to catch Ven at ground level, but is hindered in healing him when Braig arrives. After fighting him off, Aqua is knocked out by a devastating attack from Vanitas, who prepares to land the finishing blow. Realising this, Ven summons all of his strength and willpower to thaw the ice and fight off Vanitas, who then summons several Unversed to hold Ven down as he explains the origins of the creatures before merging with Ven and possessing his body, forging the χ-blade in the process.

The external battle between Vanitas and Aqua and Mickey results in the χ-blade being damaged, meanwhile Ven's metaphysical battle with Vanitas sees the latter attempting to rejoin with Ven and repair the weapon. Ven is able to resist Vanitas' efforts and defeats the being of darkness even after he forces a Dimension Link on Ven, destroying Vanitas, once more shattering Ven's heart, and destroying the χ-blade in the process. Ven, once more comatose, is left hovering in space with a knocked-out Aqua, though Mickey finds them and brings them to the Mysterious Tower. There, Yen Sid says he cannot feel Ven's heart, but tells Aqua to continue believing in their friendship, for it may one day bring his heart back. Aqua then takes Ven's body to the ruins of the Land of Departure and places it upon a throne within the central castle, going on to use Master Eraqus' Keyblade to seal the world's heart from darkness, and transforming it into Castle Oblivion.

Although his body continues to sleep, his heart yearns for an end to the suffering, and through their connection, Ven follows his heart back to that of the child who aided him all those years ago. With his heart no longer able to support himself on his own, he asks the young boy if he can stay with him for the time being, and enters the familiar warmth. It may be a long time, but Ven knows that soon, he'll be able to return home.

KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS II (2006)
Japanese Voice Actor: Koki Uchiyama
English Voice Actor: Jesse McCartney

The boy who sought out Sora's help when he was in danger of fading away, Ven is probably the only one who is able to match Sora in terms of their cheerfulness. His heart has taken shelter in Sora's body for over a decade now, healing slowly as his body is hidden away within the walls of Castle Oblivion. Only Aqua will be able to navigate through the castle and find him, but it'll be all for naught if he can't wake up.

Sora takes on Ven's form when he encounters Terra and Aqua in the depths of his dreams. So overcome by seeing his long lost friends smiling and calling out his name, a little bit of Ven surfaces out from him and he reaches out for them until Sora regains control.

Ven appears to Riku deep within Sora's heart. Although initially mistaken for Roxas, Riku quickly realizes he's not, to which the apprentice responds to by asking a single question: "What is the one thing you care about more than anything else?" Satisfied with Riku's answer, Ven fades away.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS II (2006) 
Japanese Voice Actor: Koki Uchiyama 
English Voice Actor: Jesse McCartney

A young boy with a past shrouded in mystery.

He, alongside Terra and Aqua, was a victim of Master Xehanort's plan to gain control of Kingdom Hearts. He clashed with his dark half, Vanitas, and was left in a comatose state. He connected his heart with Sora's, and has taken refugee inside the boy's heart. To protect his body Aqua leaves Ventus in Castle Oblivion.

He appears alongside Terra as an illusion to guide Aqua through the Dark World, often acting as a reminder to not lose strength. While Aqua is able to converse with Terra, she is unable to speak with Ventus due to his sleeping state.

Aqua accidentally reveals that Ventus' body is located in the Chamber of Waking to a version of Terra that has been taken over by Xehanort.

Ventus is still waiting for Aqua's return but his heart reacts to Sora's experiences and emotions.


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS II (2006) 
Japanese Voice Actor: Koki Uchiyama 
English Voice Actor: Jesse McCartney

One of the three Keyblade wielders who trained under Master Eraqus. His heart fell into slumber at the end of the battle over the χ-blade more than a decade ago. Since then, Aqua has kept his body hidden away in the Chamber of Waking.

Ventus’s deep connection with Aqua was what ultimately woke him from his sleep within Sora’s heart.


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