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The Emperor

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS II (2006) 
Origin: Mulan (1998) 
Japanese Voice Actor: Osamu Kobayashi 
English Voice Actor: Pat Morita

Jiminy's Journal sums the Emperor up best: With a wisdom that is as vast as the ocean, and a resolve as unshakable as the mountain.The Emperor reigns over the Land of Dragons and has deep knowledge of the inner workings of his kingdom, supernatural or otherwise.Though his position of power is threatened by Shan Yu, the Emperor is saved by Mulan and her friends, and decrees her the greatest hero of all of China despite the many rules she has broken. Later, the Emperor is warned by Riku to mobilize his troops in preparation for an oncoming assault by the Storm Rider Heartless, but all worries are put to rest once Sora's team comes onto the scene.

Like so many other characters in the series, the Emperor's stern and judicious exterior is only part of who he is. Extremely frank and perceptive, he constantly encourages a relationship between Mulan and Shang, eventually taking matters into his own hands by appointing Mulan as his own personal bodyguard.

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