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Sam Flynn

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] (2012) 
Origin: Tron Legacy (2010) 
Japanese Voice Actor: Daisuke Hirakawa 
English Voice Actor: Ross Thomas

The son of Kevin Flynn, and true heir to ENCOM and Kevin Flynn's empire.

It's been over 20 years since Sam's father vanished from the world, and while his old operating system was copied and implemented to another world by Ansem the Wise - the original system and the world it operated in fell to the Realm of Darkness.

Since then, in the world's dream, a figment of Sam has found his way to the Grid where he hopes to be reunited with his missing father.

Riku encounters Sam while they both become forced players in the light cycle games. Sora and Sam escape and Sam finds his way to his father's hideout. His father's datascape has been taken over by a hostile program that is identical to Kevin, an overlord by the name of CLU. Kevin explains that he has been trapped in the Grid, but that Sam's arrival means the portal between the worlds is open and they can escape, CLU, however, is desperate to take Kevin's identity disc and enter the physical world.

Once Sam convinces his father to return home, they set off in search of the portal. In Sora's reality, Sam, Kevin and Kevin's apprentice Quorra encounter Sora enroute to the open portal, and Sam and his father head to a ship while Quorra and Sora leave to see if they can save a re-programmed Tron. 

In Riku's reality, Sam, his father and Quorra escape a tussle with the enemy, only to learn that Kevin Flynn's identity disc has been stolen by CLU. The group makes a run to the open portal, and Quorra allows herself to be capture to buy them some time. Riku covers the group from a Dream Eater attack as Sam and Quorra escape the chaos and make their way for the portal. It's then that CLU realizes that Quorra has escaped with Kevin Flynn's identity disk and can therefore emerge as a real person in the outside world. Furious he tries to stop them, but Kevin sacrifices himself just the portal closes, taking Sam and Quorra to safety.

Realizing that obsession can cause you to bring out the worst in onesself, Riku comes to understand that anyone is capable of losing themself to the Darkness but that doesn't mean they can't be redeemed. Once the portal is closed, Riku and Sora release the Grid from its slumber. 

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