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Riku Replica

Japanese Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano 
English Voice Actor: David Gallagher

A Replica of Riku made by Vexen after the scientist fought Riku and gathered data about him. The Replica is Riku's spitting image, capable of using both his Soul Eater as well as his powers of Darkness. At first he was aware of the nature of his existence and sought to prove himself better than the original by defeating Riku, but then the Organization brought him to Naminé and had her rewrite his Memories so he'd think he was the real Riku. Believing fully that Naminé was his precious childhood friend, the Replica met Sora under several occasions. Time and again Sora tried convincing him to come back to the islands, fully believing the clone was the real thing, but the Replica remained true to his determination to protect Naminé and fought Sora, believing him to be a threat to the girl he cared so much for.

A Memory the Replica has is one where he made a promise to Namine, saying he'll keep her safe. He even has the good luck charm she gave him in return, but not only does Sora have the same Memory, he has the same charm to back it up! Frustrated, he runs away, only to face Sora again with Naminé present. The replica claims that Sora's Memories are so messed up he is no longer to be trusted, and that explains the contradicting Memories the two share. When he's about to strike at Sora, however, Naminé intervenes by tearing apart the replica's Memories. This causes him to collapse, yet Naminé puts his Memories back together, along with the fact he was originally a replica. Despite it he remains true to the promise he remembers having made to Naminé, and he joins Sora in his fight against Marluxia, the one who forced Naminé to mess with their Memories.

After the fight, as nothing can be done about him he leaves, only to run into Axel who uses the replica's need for reassurance of his existence. He manipulates him into absorbing Zexion, Number VI of the Organization under the claims that by doing so he could become stronger than the original Riku. He meets Riku again yet is eaten away by frustration at the truth about himself. The only way he has to become someone real is to get rid of Riku, but he is defeated by him instead. As he fades into Darkness, he isn't afraid. Instead, he can't help but wonder where his Heart will end up at, being a fake like the rest of him.


Japanese Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano 
English Voice Actor: David Gallagher

An experimental replica created by the former Organization XIII using combat data taken from Riku. He duelled the real Riku to prove his right to exist, but lost and was destroyed.

Riku Replica’s heart wandered the realm of darkness, eventually taking refuge alongside Riku’s heart after the two were reunited.




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