Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Japanese Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano
English Voice Actor: David Gallagher

When Kairi lost her heart, Riku allied himself with Maleficent to save her.

Riku was actually the rightful master of the Keyblade, but once he chose darkness over light, the weapon chose Sora instead.                                           

Ansem exploited Riku's weakness of heart and possessed him.


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Japanese Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano
English Voice Actor: David Gallagher

Sora’s childhood friend.

Baited by the darkness and used by Maleficent and Ansem, Riku once fought against Sora.

In order to seal the door to darkness, Riku stayed with the king on the other side.

His current whereabouts are unknown.

Sora journeys in hopes of finding Riku.


A boy who was born and raised on a small group of islands. Riku dreamt of seeing other worlds, and so he forsook the islands – only to be seduced by the power of darkness.

Enslaved by Ansem, pursuer of darkness, Riku clashed with his childhood friend Sora. But in the end he was able to regain himself and, together with Sora, closes the door to darkness.

Still, the dark wounds in Riku’s heart have yet to mend.


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Japanese Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano
English Voice Actor: David Gallagher

A chosen Wielder of the Keyblade and Sora's best friend since childhood. Due to the weakness of his Heart, Riku once fell to Darkness and betrayed Sora but paid the price when he lost his Body to Xehanort's Heartless. He reappeared in the Realm of Darkness when Xehanort was finally defeated by Sora, and together with Sora and Mickey he closed the Door to Darkness.

When Sora was Sleeping to restore his Memories the Organization took apart, Riku was struggling with his own Darkness and eventually began wearing a black blindfold to try and hold the Darkness at bay. He eventually embraced the Dark powers when he fought Roxas, Sora's Nobody, in the hopes that reuniting Heart and Nobody will help Sora wake. He won, but his appearance changed into Xehanort's. No longer able to change back, he began calling himself "Ansem", the name Xehanort used.

Not thinking himself worth of being reunited with his friends and hardly wanting them to see him in Xehanort's form, Riku hid in the Darkness and watched over his friends from afar. When the Organization attacked Hollow Bastion and Sora, Donald and Goofy were thrown into the Realm of Darkness, it was Riku who guided them back to the Realm of Light. He also gave them a box containing a picture of Roxas and the friends he made in Twilight Town, as well as a Sea-Salt ice cream popsicle. Both were clues to finding the truth about Roxas as well as keys to reaching the Organization's stronghold.

Riku's presence became even more apparent to Sora in the Land of Dragons. Following the trail of Xigbar, an Organization member that came to create Nobodies for the Organization to use, Riku reached the oriental world. Mulan and Sora both chased him, having mistaken him for Xigbar. A short battle in which Sora and Riku fought both each other and the Heartless ensued, but Riku took off in the middle with a wave of the hand that clued Sora about his identity.

Now wielding a Keyblade, Riku appeared in The World that Never Was to save both Naminé and Kairi from Saix and finally had one of his friends find out the truth about his fate. Reluctant, he stayed by the girl's side until she was reunited with Sora. He was about to leave, finding no place for himself in the happy picture that was his two friends enjoying their happy reunion, but then Kairi called out his name and held onto his arm. Riku could only look away when Kairi had Sora hold his hand and close his eyes, thus letting the brunette's Heart recognize Riku rather than have his eyes be deceived by his appearance.

Now that he was both recognized and accepted by the friends he longed to see again, Riku finally let himself remain with them and fight alongside Sora. Together they defeated several Organization members and found Ansem the Wise who was attempting to decode the Organization's artificially made Kingdom Hearts into Data. The machine he was using exploded, and true to the man's declaration that anything might happen, Riku reverted back into his original appearance. Finally rid of Xehanort's shadow that lurked in his Heart, Riku abandoned his blindfold and returned to his rightful place as himself at his friends' side.

Even though the final battles against Xemnas and what was left of his Kingdom Hearts were difficult, Riku fought alongside Sora to the bitter end. Together they fought and together they reached the Realm of Darkness where Riku found comfort in the one thing he had Sora could never imitate - having Sora for a friend.

With their friendship fixed and stronger than ever, the two friends let their Hearts bring them back home, where they belonged. Finally, Riku managed to return to the world he once abandoned and be welcomed by all he held dear.


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Japanese Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano
English Voice Actor: David Gallagher

Childhood friends with Sora and Kairi.

He donned the Organization’s black coat pretending to be a member, and investigates their actions while waiting for Sora’s memories to be restored.     


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Japanese Voice Actor: Eiji Shima (Young Riku), Mamoru Miyano (Riku)
English Voice Actor: Ty Panitz (Young Riku), David Gallagher (Riku)

Riku dashed forward across the crystalline white sand, dyed orange by the glow of the twilight sun. Engaged in a race with his best friend Sora, the two ran into the doorway and emerged on the upper level, surpassing Terra crossing the bridge and claiming their spots on the paopu tree. It wasn't long before Sora, noticing his father in the distance, decided to challenge Riku in a race back to the boats, and scurried off as fast as his legs could carry him before the older boy could even manage a reply.

Deciding it wasn't worth the effort, Riku settled himself in a comfortable stroll and walked off. On his way back, he spared a chance to gaze at the older male the two boys had passed earlier, pondering by the water's edge. Realizing that the stranger did not reside in Destiny Islands and must clearly be from another world, he boldly voiced his thoughts, the beginnings of a smirk forming on his face as the man responded unlike that of which others would normally do, confirming his suspicion.

The boy told Terra of the kid who was able to depart to other worlds, leaving behind the prison surrounded by water, and expressed his wishes in doing the same. He yearned to become stronger to protect the things that matter. Feeling a connection with Riku, Terra summoned his Keyblade, smiling as the boy's eyes grew wide. He knelt down, reciting the customary Rite of Succession speech, and bid him to grasp the Keyblade. Riku cautiously reached out him hand, tightening his grip on the weapon's handle, as if refusing to let go. Only when Sora called him away did he return to reality.

He made a promise to Terra about keeping his conversation and the ceremony a secret, bid the older man goodbye and returned with Sora, playfully avoiding to reveal his newfound secret.

Not long after Terra's departure did another stranger appear on the play island; the blue haired maiden Aqua. Riku was in another race with Sora, this time running just past the bridge. Just when the younger boy refused to admit defeat and requested another race, Aqua made her presence known, smiling brightly at the children and jumping down to their level. Silencing his thoughts about her being another off-worlder, Riku calmly answered her questions as Sora was almost jumping with excitement, possibly at having another friend to make.

He didn't understand what she meant when she asked Sora to take care of him should he "go down the wrong path," so all he could do was watch as the troubled expression reverted back into a smile with Sora's agreement and the two boys made their way home.


As Sora and Riku begin heading home after a peaceful night of star gazing on the beach, Riku notices that Sora had begun crying, yet he himself wasn't sad or hurt. The brunette told him that it felt like something was squeezing him inside, so Riku decided that someone must be calling for help and that Sora should open up his heart and listen. Though the younger boy didn't understand, he gave it a try. After a moment, when the tears had ceased and the smile returned to Sora's face, Riku knew that his friend had succeeded.


The contents of His Majesty, no, Mickey's letter still clear in his head, Riku crosses the bridge to the paopu tree, where Sora sat looking out at the horizon with the letter and bottle in hand. Joining him looking out at the sea, he asked his friend if he made his decision, to which he was given a frank reply. The two were joined by Kairi, and with her arrival and show of understanding, Sora revealed that he had to leave to help everyone hurting, everyone who had made him what he is today. Hearing the expected answer, Riku watched as his two best friends made their departing promise to meet again.

KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance]

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002)
Japanese Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano
English Voice Actor: David Gallagher

A boy who wields a Keyblade. His battles to save the worlds have often pitted him against the darkness in his own heart.

Now, he is braving the Mark of Mastery examination to find out if he is still worthy of the Keyblade.

After unlocking the seven Sleeping Keyholes, Riku arrived in the same world where Organization XIII had once held its stronghold.

Riku found a spectral version of Sora trapped inside some sort of bubble. He tried to wake his friend, but a personification of Sora's nightmares, a figure in a black coat, approached from behind. 

He defeated the nightmare and kept calling to Sora, but it was Ansem who responded and dragged Riku into the darkness for a final confrontation.

Ansem explained that Riku had unknowningly dove into Sora's dreams and become a Dream Eater but he would be of no help to his friends so long as he kept the darkness inside him in check. Riku agreed - but rather than give in to Ansem and accept the darkness, Riku decided to return it to light once and for all. He drew his Keyblade.

After Ansem was defeated, Riku awoke in the real world, but his Dream Eater powers remained. With the help of some Spirits, he was able to reach Sora.

Sora was seated in one of the Organization's thirteen thrones, but the grey-haired youth knocked Riku away before he could get to his friend. The youth revealed that Organization XIII's true purpose was to transfer the heart of Xehanort into thirteen worthy "vessels." Now Sora was about to become the last of those vessels.

As if to drive this point home, twelve other figures materialised and filled the other seats. The youth revealed his identity: he was Xehanort's boyhood form. Just as he was gesturing to the highest seat of them all, King Mickey appeared and stopped time. He tried to rescue Sora, but someone lashed out at the King and knocked him away. Young Xehanort was able to move even when time was stopped! He and Riku fought.

No sooner had Riku bested the youth than time started to flow again, and Master Xehanort appeared in the highest seat. He told Riku and King Mickey about the "seven guardians of light" and "thirteen seekers of darkness" who were destined to clash and forge the χ-blade. They were too late; Master Xehanort's heart was snaking its way toward Sora, and Xemnas and Ansem were barring the way...

Just then, a blaze of fire stopped Xehanort's heart from reaching Sora. Lea had arrived right in the nick of time! The King and Riku were so shocked that they nearly forgot they were in danger, but Donald and Goofy arrived in a flash of light to save the day.

Master Xehanort had failed to claim Sora, but he assured all present that the clash between light and darkness was imminent. Then he and the other twelve members of the real Organization XIII dematerialised and returned whence they came.

They needed to wake Sora up, and Yen Sid said that only one who had unlocked the Sleeping Keyholes possessed that power. And even if that person reached the abyss into which Sora's heart had fallen, they might never return from the darkness. But Riku had heard Sora calling to him, and knew he must be the one to make the dive back into Sora's slumber.

In the abyss, Riku was attacked by a suit of armour clad in deepest darkness. He defeated the armour and freed Sora from its defenses, then watched helplessly as his friend sank into the darkness. Did he do the right thing? Only Sora's Keyblade remained. Riku took it and unlocked the Keyhole.

Riku's eyes blinked open. He was home, on their island. Figures appreaed asking difficuly questions: Roxas; another boy who looked like Roxas; a girl with raven hair. He sensed his answered mattered. When his eyes next blinked open, he found himself in the comapny of Ansem the Wise.

Ansem the Wise gave Riku his research data, which he hoped would serve as a clue when Sora or those connected to him were most lost. The love in Sora's heart would be the only way to save them. With that, the true Ansem assured Riku that Sora had awoken. It was time to go home.

Riky woke from his dive to hear what sounded like a celebration; were Sora, Donald, and Goofy having... a party? Sora threw his arms around Riku when he saw his friend was safe. Somehow, it all seemed very backwards.

Riku passed the exam. He had shown the Mark of Mastery, and so Yen Sid dubbed him a true Keyblade Master. Sora was happy to see his best friend receive such an honour.

As the new Keyblade Master, Yen Sid wasted no time in sending Riku out on his first mission: to retrieve a special guest, the seventh princess of heart, Kairi.

Kingdom Hearts 0.2 Birth by Sleep -A Fragmentary Passage-

First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002) 
Japanese Voice Actor: Mamoru Miyano 
English Voice Actor: David Gallagher

The newly named Keyblade Master, and best friends with Sora and Kairi. His first task was to bring Kairi to Yen Sid at the Mysterious Tower in order to recieve new information about the next move in the plan to stop Xehanort.

Yen Sid then allowed Mickey to reveal a hidden story about one of the fallen Guardian's of Light, Aqua. Through the story, Riku learnt that Aqua sacrificed herself so that Riku could run to the Door to Kingdom Hearts and close it.

When questioned about why the story had been kept secret for so long, Yen Sid explained that if anyone had learnt that Aqua was still trapped in the Realm of Darkness then there was a high chance for someone to stage a reckless rescue mission. However he is confident with Riku's new found abilities and tasks the boy to set off with King Mickey to travel once more into the Realm of Darkness and rescue the lost Master.

Gifting the two with clothing designed by the Three Good Fairies, Riku, Mickey, and Kairi all set off on their new quests before Sora even returned home from his trip to the Sleeping Worlds.


First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002) 
Japanese Voice Actor: 
Mamoru Miyano 
English Voice Actor: 
David Gallagher

A true Keyblade Master and childhood friend of Sora and Kairi. Though he struggled with the darkness in the past, he learned to control his heart and successfully earned the Mark of Mastery.

In order to gather the remaining guardians of light needed to confront Master Xehanort, Riku and King Mickey have gone searching for the lost Keyblade wielders who vanished over ten years ago.

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