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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS 3D [Dream Drop Distance] (2012) 
Origin: The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1996) 
Japanese Voice Actor: Sosuke Komori 
English Voice Actor: ???

The son of a gypsy woman who passed due to a series of unfortunate events at the hands of Minister Claude Frollo 20 years prior. Raised from infancy by Frollo, he lives a life of secrecy hidden away among the bells and rafters of the Notre Dame Cathedral, away from the rest of the world due to the fears beset upon him for his physical deformity. He sounds the lustrous bells every day, allowing their beautiful chimes to ring throughout the city of Paris. Although he appears content, it is his dream to someday depart from the cathedral and experience what it's really like out there.

Quasimodo first appeared to Sora during the Festival of Fools, where he has been the King of Fools. As his first time ever to explore the outside world, he basked in his happiness, and continued enjoying the merry scene before him with a crowd of Nightmares at his apparent command. However, once Frollo appeared, his confident facade quickly vanished, and the Nightmares, sensing Frollo's darkness, ran rampant throughout the square. Utterly upset by this turn of events, he became incapable of fleeing from the danger, but with the help of Esmeralda, the two were able to take sanctuary within Notre Dame.

However, a gypsy cannot stay confined behind walls, and Quasimodo helped her escape by scaling down the walls of the cathedral. In return, Esmeralda gave him her pendant, decorated to appear as a map of the city to aid those in need of help, leading them to the Court of Miracles. When he learned that Frollo has discovered its location, he, Sora and Phoebus rushed to the court as quickly as possible, only to realize they had led Frollo there themselves. Quasimodo, Phoebus and Esmeralda were forcefully taken back to the square where the minister prepared to burn Esmeralda as a witch. When Sora arrived, she was already suffering, but was saved when Quasimodo descended from the cathedral and swept her away to safety.

They were not safe for long, as Frollo quickly caught up and attempted to kill them both, but instead fell to his untimely death. However, his passing brought along a bright new era of peace, as Quasimodo was finally able to overcome the walls that he himself had placed around him, and venture out into the world.

Riku met Quasimodo when he enters Notre Dame, searching for Frollo after hearing about his association with the darkness from Esmeralda. Quasimodo informed him that his master isn't available at the moment and was currently away. To that, Riku questioned the bell ringer about himself, finding similarities between himself and the older man due to the prisons they've formed around their own hearts in fear and hesitation. Riku departed the cathedral to continue his search but left Quasimodo one piece of advice: to listen to his heart.

The two encountered each other once again after Quasimodo rescued Esmeralda from the witch burning. He had finally found his answer within his heart, and was able to take actions by himself to protect the ones he loves. He overcame his obstacles with the help of his friends, and with that, the walls around his heart came crashing down.

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