Elsa, Anna, Rapunzel, and Kairi make up four of the new Princesses of Heart. Come theorise who the last three Princesses will be!


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First Appearance: KINGDOM HEARTS (2002) 
Origin: Hercules (1997)

Philoctetes, the trainer of heroes. As one would expect, he has fans and aspiring warriors lined up from here to Mount Olympus, hoping to learn from him and make names for themselves. Unfortunately for them, training his prized pupil, Hercules, is a full-time job.

Phil had his eyes set on watching Hercules conquer the latest tournament being held in the Coliseum, but as Herc has kindly given up his position for you, he'll have to make do with the replacement. 

To his surprise, you fly through the ranks and make it all the way to the final round. It's do or die in a fierce clash between you and Cloud, but Hercules interrupts the battle before the finishing blow can be dealt. It turns out the whole thing is just a ploy by Hades to lure Hercules into the Underworld. However, nobody had ancitipated on Herc stepping out of the tournament, and for Cloud to enter the Underworld of his own choosing.

Phil is left with no choice but to stand by while you and Hercules went to rescue Cloud, and all he could do is hide when Hades takes advantage of everyone's absence to wreak havoc upon the Coliseum. He doesn't like it. If he wanted to do nothing, he would have just stayed in retirement. But once Hades is defeated, Phil is able to jump right back to doing what he does best: barking orders.

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